Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time to Start Putting Holes in the Walls

For the last five or six years I've been wanting to paint the living room, dining room and hallways and for one reason or another there was something else to do. I think in that time frame we've gutted and remodeled the bathroom, put hardwood floors in two of the bedrooms, and not that we did the work, but the funds were going into the pole barn and then a front porch. Well, it was time to finally get around to the painting and as we were looking at it the project started snowballing. My brother's house has a recessed space that punches out to hang over the stairs going downstairs (does that make any sense) and I thought I would like that and put doors on it to make extra storage for some of my kitchen stuff. So once again the painting has to wait for the demolition. We're (I shouldn't be saying 'we're' because it's really MM) also going to put a 6-8 inch shelf around the dining room to display my 'tea for one' sets. I'm sure it'll be lots of dust and fun so come along I'll take lots of pictures of before and after.


Michelle said...

Don't feel bad. We moved into our house in 2001. The house only had one coat of builders paint. We still haven't painted it. LOL!! See were bad.

B Boys Mom said...

Sounds like your MM is going to be busy.