Friday, January 16, 2009


Another year and as we start I always resolve to live a healthy lifestyle. It's not too hard for me, but I remember that I do have alcoholic tendencies in my family and it is something that I've always made my children aware of too. A family member is currently in a drug treatment center and is doing quite well. I've heard that there is a certain part of the brain that actually make one more excess compulsive. And that, to me, is what makes an abusive behavior. When you can't stop drinking, using, smoking, whatever. I sometimes have a day or two that I have a problem with eating. I just can't stop! And that is the same problem with any substance.

I am so thankful that there are treatment centers out there that can do the job that we as families have a difficult time with. It is so hard to practice 'tough love'. You can't allow them to continue whatever it is that is slowly destroying them. And to look the other way is to enable that behavior. I wonder how long a full recovery would take? Or is there such a thing as a 'full recovery'? I know I still have to say 'no' to cigarettes occassionally. The pull is a lot less that the first few months, but these 30 years later, once in a while it smells good.

I once read that when a person is removed from their surroundings that it can be very helpful, but my experience is that persons with an abusive tendency seem to find another with the same problem no matter where they live. So the desire to be and stay clean will follow them for their whole life, and they just have to resolve everyday to stay clean and sober. I'm just really thankful that there are treatment centers available that have qualified persons to help loved ones through the difficult times.


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