Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Maintenance Man's Birthday

I was playing on the internet last night and went to a family web site we've established. Imagine my utter surprise to discover my hubby's birthday is in 2 days. Don't know how that snuck up on me. It'll be hard to do a birthday celebration for him at the house this year because we are under construction again. His favorite birthday would probably include a trip to the Corvette factory and watch his new car come off the line. That aside, I think he'd really like to head out in the motorhome for parts south. We'll probably just go out to dinner and talk about the car of his dreams and how we'll travel later this year.

We have a new baby coming in March and I really want to be around for that. March is going to be hard time of year to be here for her 1st birthday party next year. It's important to establish a theme and get supplies and decorations to compliment that theme. For a first birthday it would be fun to do some sort of Disney theme or Princess theme for a little girl. I know we missed Peanut's 1st birthday last year and I was really bummed. For Peanut's birthday they had lots of family (just not me and Papa) and friends. Our son did take lots of photos though so at least I felt a part of it. My SIL built a real cute playhouse on part of the deck and she had lots of climb on toys. They did the traditional cake just for Peanut to delve into and of course she's been taught better than that and didn't want to at first. But they somehow got her to put her hands in it and then eat the frosting. I always love that part of the first birthday party, besides the hats and horns. The older parties are a lot of fun too when they really know what's going on and want everything. My niece just had a winter birthday party for her daughter and they had a sledding party. The weather cooperated and the kids had a ball. Who would think something so simple would be so much fun. Of course, there was lots of hot chocolate for all when they came in.


Harmony said...

I was going to ask what he wants for his birthday - but a Corvette is out of my budget just now ;)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to the hubby. Hope you guys have a wonderful day doing something special.

B Boys Mom said...

Happy Birthday MM! I think you should get him his dream car!

alwayswinner786 said...

A very Happy Belated Birth Day to your Maintenance man. May god bless you with all His love and happiness. Wish you both a very very happy loving life.
Your always.