Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Need A Good Nights Sleep

Since I have this sinus infection I can hardly breathe and I feel so bad for people with sleep apnea. I don't think I really have it, but I can relate to not getting a full nights sleep because I can't breathe. My sister who has sleep apnea says that she actually stops breathing in her sleep and wakes herself up gasping for breath. I was just reading up on the condition and have learned that the disorder can actually be cured. I wonder if anyone has actually 'died' in their sleep from this? Sis says she didn't like wearing the head gear that is required but what are her choices? Good thing there are lots of doctors and medical facilities that recognize this as the severe problem that it is. What's also interesting is that my sister isn't overweight or a smoker which are usually strong considerations in sleep apnea. Her doctor didn't really indicate to her why she has this disorder and I know it really frustrates her.

A friend's husband also went through a whole sleep study and he can't get good sleep without wearing the mask that attaches to a machine that keeps oxygen going to him throughout the night. He doesn't really even know that he stops breathing, but he's always tired in the morning because his sleep was disrupted repeatedly. It's the whole oxygen deprivation that is the major problem. If you stop breathing for more then 10 seconds or are getting less that 25% oxygen for more than 10 seconds then you would be considered a person with sleep apnea. Glad I just have a sinus infection and I'll be able to breathe again in a couple of days hopefully.

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Michelle said...

I have a few friends that have sleep apnea plus my dad and my grams had it. It looks like a terrible thing to live with. They are always tired since they can't get a full 8 hours of sleep.