Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get the Cutest Baby Clothes!!

I just found this really cute site for Baby Clothing as I was looking for new stuff for our up and coming new granddaughter and of course I can't resist buying for little Peanut. While shopping I found this adorable pink polka dot froggy dress I know Peanut would love the little froggy and I love the little tie at the shoulder.

There are both Baby Boy Clothes and Baby Girl Clothes. I found some cute onsies for my niece's twins born in August. One says '1 of 2' the other '2 of 2'. Is that cute or what? They also have matching outfits with one boy and one girl which is what this set are. With personal monogramming also available you could get a special gift for that someone special.

If you're like me you can't walk by those adorable little cloths for the little ones while walking through the store. If you shop on line you can just find a lot more selection for just about any occassion. I wish I'd found this earlier. We're having a baby shower this weekend and they have the cutest eco friendly elephant diaper cake. What a great centerpiece and we all know how many diapers a baby can go through.

My daughter has also started me thinking about buying eco friendly baby toys. I've found the cutest wooden blocks and building sets along with wooden rattles. These are the kind of gifts that would become heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. When buying 'eco friendly' toys you don't have to worry about plastics or lead paints since they have no toxic finish on them.


Harmony said...

Very cute!!

Michelle said...

Just adorable. I can't resist little girl dresses.

B Boys Mom said...

You can't go wrong if it has a frog on it. You know I would love it!!!

Frugal Mama ~It's as easy as cake & I'm as sweet as icing~ said...

Love the frog dress :)

In response to CVS on a $10 budget:
I wanted to tell you thanks for the comment. The secret is to max out the freebies first. Take for instance the Nutra Trim Gum, I bought one then turned around and used my EB until I reached the limit then went on to the next. Good Luck and thanks for the interest in my blog

Moriah said...

Great find..! Thanks for sharing the weblinks to get cutest baby clothes.