Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making a Baby Quilt

I've been busy lately with baby stuff. The shower was just over a week ago so now I can show you how to make this adorable quilt. It looks like a lot of work, but friends that wanted to learn the process are amazed at how simple it is. You begin by finding patterns that you want to use. You can either buy a book of patterns (childrens coloring books work well) or if you are creative like Tammy you can just design your own.

This first picture shows one of the patterns I used.

Then you trace the pattern on the fusible webbing

Next you iron the wrong side of the fusible webbing to the wrong side of the selected fabric.

There are a lot of fusible webbings out there, but this is the one I used.

After it is fused to the fabric you cut out the pattern on the exact cutting line and remove the paper.

I usually set up all the pieces on the main fabric before fusing it on.

Once I've finished fusing all the pieces onto the squares I use a zig zag stitch around all the pieces to make them stronger for the many washings these little quilts will receive in their lifetimes.

For this quilt I used a two inch border between the pieces so I cut the strips 3 inches using 1/2 inch seams.

Once I have the strips done I connect them to complete the top.

For these baby quilts I then cut a back to fit and stitch around three sides leaving the bottom open.

I then turn it inside right and give it a good pressing so the edges are sharp.

Then I turn it back inside out and lay the batting on it. I cut the batting to fit and do a whip stitch to hold it all together for now.

Then I turn it back inside right and do a lot of pinning. On this particular quilt I stitch around each of the white squares and close up the bottom. Below is the finished quilt.

I've done over 2 dozen of these quilts over the years. The one for little Peanut was a different design, but all the other are this design in different fabrics.


Jaden Paige said...

What a great project! I can't sew, so sadly I won't be able to make it, but... It looks fabulous!

Michelle said...

Wow, Just love the quilt. It's just adorable. Good job!

Anonymous said...

It is neat to see the process! The quilt is gorgeous! Thank you so much! Randy and I love it, and the baby will too. Shannon

Harmony said...

These are always just the cutest thing! And you're so good at doing them!

siteseer said...

Harmony, They are adorable. I'm still working on that one for your friend Sara. Got way-layed working on some knitting for this weekends shower.

B Boys Mom said...

Your quilt doesn't show how nice it really is on your blog. It is beautiful and so colorful. A baby is very lucky to get one of your quilts. You are very talented!

TBones said...

thanks for checking out my blog! you'll have to let me know how your hubby likes any of the meals you try!

i'd love to get into quilting, this is a great project!