Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Financing Our Latest Project

Now that I've spilled the beans that we're back on the home improvement path it's time to think about financing or getting a small loan for the project. With Rainbow services they search for the best loan provider specifically to meet your needs and they have great rates. The great thing about this lending service is you get your money quickly and you know I want to start yesterday. Fortunately this home improvement won't be as much as the last project, but all that trim cost money. We have lots of different wood trims in the living room and dining room so we'll have to decide what wood to use as well. I was also thinking about having a small moulding piece on the living room wall about 3 inches from the ceiling and painting the ceiling color down to this moulding. I've seen it before and it really makes the room look larger. Can't wait to start looking at the paint chips.

And with Spring just around the corner I know Maintenance Man will be looking at Car loans. Does this happen to everyone else? Spring makes my man want a new car. He's drooling over Corvettes now. He had a Corvette when I met him and we had one together til we sold the last one in 1984. He's been kicking himself ever since. Now that we're empty nesters we don't need to seat 4 anymore so this Corvette thing just might work. Who knows what the future holds. What color do you think we should get? We've had green ('67), gold ('69) and the last one was gun metal blue ('65). I think I liked that last one best, it was a coupe and MM built a cute little seat in the back for the kiddies. That worked for awhile if our oldest ducked her head a little. But that's not a worry now. We'll just have to keep our boys away from it (they like to drive FAST).


Bayley said...

I think a silver '09 ZR1 (640hp) would probably "adequate". You might want to pay off the motor home first though since the sticker price for this flagship ‘vette has broken the six figure mark.

Michelle said...

Wow, a vet sounds like so much fun. Hope you guys get your wish. We are due for a new truck in about a year. Our lease is up. Hopefully we will be able to find a good deal.

B Boys Mom said...

I have a long list of things I could get a loan for.