Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking for Spring

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and to actually see the lawn again. Right now everything is WHITE. When the weather is warm my MM is of the opinion that he just wants to keep it mowed as few times as possible and have it look presentable. I’m pretty sure he’d be in favor of an artificial turf. I was just reading about San Diego Synthetic Grass. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a beautiful synthetic lawn all the time and not have to do any maintenance? I know my neighbors have a nice lawn and have it sprayed on a regular basis to maintain this beautiful green. An artificial turf would stay green without having to be concerned with your pets or children running on it. No more dangerous chemicals coming into your home on the shoes of your family. I think the part I would like the best is not worrying about the drainage around the house. And if I didn’t have to worry about the lawn I’d have more time to spend in my flower gardens. I know I really missed that last year while we were traveling in Alaska. The part that really makes a lawn look nice is to have it trimmed out with the trimmer and MM hates that part so it doesn’t happen often.

With my little Peanut now into the running stage I want to put a play gym in the yard and it sure would be nice to have a beautiful soft lawn under it. She was just walking last year and it wasn’t always easy for her, but I’m looking forward to us spending a lot of time out there this year just playing and rolling around on the beautiful green lawn. Okay, I really need to look into some artificial turf. Just the thought of the time and money spent on regular upkeep would have to offset the initial cost of installing a beautiful, no maintenance lawn.


Harmony said...

I hear ya! I think we're actually going to try to have a 'lawn' this year :)

Michelle said...

I'd sure love one of these. I hate mowing the lawn and all the maintenance that comes along with it. Since the hubby is gone most of the time working it's my job. Uggg!!

B Boys Mom said...

Spring sounds so good right now and so far away. I love to mow, much better then shoveling snow.