Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time for Renewal

Is January the time for renewal in your life? I’ve found that I want all new things in January – like a ‘do over’. I’ve been looking at different procedures that I can do at liposuction surgery uk where they have experienced skilled surgeons. At Mya Cosmetic Surgery they guide you through the whole process from initial consultation through to the end answering all your questions and making you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice. They have no hidden costs either which is always a good thing. I have seriously considered eyelid surgery before and I’d definitely like someone that has done several before, so experience is important to me. Droopy eyelids are hereditary thing in my family and I can look at my beautiful Mom and see what’s coming. When checking out the basics of this surgery it looks pretty simple and one would need about one week off work for recovery. Not bad for a whole new look. I know several people that have done this and are happy with the results.

Liposuction is another thing that I would consider to finally get rid of that little 'pouch' that we ladies get from childbirth. As well as those thighs that just aren't giving it up no matter how much I work out.

Another procedure that I’ve needed for the last 10 years is microdermabrasion. I have a large scar from an auto accident and I’ve been told that this kind of deep exfoliation would really improve the appearance of my skin. This is a non-surgical procedure and you could almost have it done on your lunch hour since it just takes 30 minutes. The list could go on and on, if only I had the time, money and courage. When my ship comes in I will definitely be making some appointments.


Michelle said...

I could sure use some of these procedures. I'd love to be a size 7 again. Thanks for the info.

Jaden Paige said...

I so wish I would hit the lotto so I could go and do all the procedures I'd like. Of course, then I might go crazy and end up looking all plastick-y, which wouldn't be fun. But a little bit of lipo wouldn't hurt, I don't think ;)

B Boys Mom said...

I could really use this. Would I get to skip being on this diet!!!!! hahaha