Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

We replaced the bathroom vanity when we remodeled our bathroom. Wish we'd seen these discount bathroom vanities before starting our project. I like the simplicity of this one

The way it hangs on the wall gives you an illusion of open space. We ended up with something real similar only there’s a full drawer that pulls out from the bottom with perfect storage for more paper goods. We also ended up saving our counter top from the original bathroom. It has different shades of brown pebbles suspended in Lucite. Everyone that sees it makes a comment about it because it’s so different. We were thinking about a double vanity but that would have involved a lot of plumbing and who needs that?

I think what I like the most about our remodel job was the 10 jet Jacuzzi tub. We tried like the dickens to try to fit in a bigger tub, but the original floor plan was the best. I’ve discovered that most builders have already established the best floor plans when building homes. The other big change for me was the new ceramic tile floor (I hated that nasty carpet).

When my little Peanut comes over she loves to get into the tub. There’s no water in it, she just loves to walk back and forth and play with the buttons of the Jacuzzi. Fortunately, when we installed it MM was smart enough to put a main switch for the electricity in the closet nearby. We just leave it turned off until we’re ready to use it. Okay, once in a while I get in and discover that I forgot to throw the switch in the closet. I sit there for a while screaming and hollering, then I give it up and step out and turn it on. I hate when I do that.


B Boys Mom said...

This is always good information to know.

Harmony said...

Your jacuzzi tub rocks!

Jaden Paige said...

oh my god, drool drool drool! Those vanities are GREAT! I just spent a few minutes on that site building up my envy :) Hope you enjoy your new jacuzzi!

Michelle said...

A jacuzzi sounds awesome. I bet you guys enjoy that. Love the new look.