Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend update

We wanted to get our last camping weekend in in order to winterize our camper. The weatherman was predicting rain all weekend - Not Again!! Leaving work on Friday - you guessed it - already drizzling. We were only going to a local park about an hours away so at least the travel time wasn't extensive. There was one backup of a spun out car that lasted about 20 minutes and then we were on our way again. Once there things were pretty quick since we didn't tow the car. MM comes in and starts to take off his jacket and I start to fix dinner - what no electricity? Back out he goes. He was ready to throw in the towel and head home because this power surger box that we have had a short in it and we couldn't keep the power on. Just one more try and 'yes' it's on - don't anybody breathe. Oh yeah, the park had already turned off the water - good thing we had a full tank.

It was nice sleeping Friday night because it kept sprinkling on and off and I love to hear it on the roof. Saturday morning things were sunny and bright. Okay, it was still a bit on the cool side. We built a fire and kept it going all day. There was a kid across the road from us that was in shorts and shortsleeve shirt wearing flip flops and I kept thinking 'is it just me?'. Checking the thermometer it was around 47 -48 all day. Not shorts weather, but boy was it beautiful. Seeing and listening to the leaves blowing around and watching the trees try to hang onto their remaining leaves. A perfect fall day.

Sunday we woke to - you guessed it - rain again. We kind of took our time getting going and it paid off. MM was able to rinse out and empty all of our holding tanks and the winterizing had begun. We were able to get home before the strong winds started (thank God, cause that is not fun). Anyway, what started out as a weekend that I was not looking forward to turned out quite nicely.

Do you plan your weekends exclusively around what the weatherman predicts?


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had the perfect fall weekend. Glad you had fun.

Tammy said...

It sure feels like it has been raining a lot this month. Yes we were in the rain too.