Friday, October 31, 2008

I've Received An Award!!

She's so sweet. B Boys Mom has given me this coveted award.

The requirements for this award are to list six things that make me happy, then tag six more bloggers.

Six things that make me happy:

1. Walking into the house after work and smelling dinner already cooking.
2. Chasing Peanut around and around the stairs til we're both exhausted.
3. There's nothing better than falling into bed on a nice freshly made bed.
4. Sleeping in
5. Having my morning workout over.
6. Working in the garden in the early morning hours.

The final requirement for this award is to tag 6 more bloggers that are Kreativ.

Danica's Dream
Motherhood for Dummies
On the Verge
Qtpie 7
Two Lines on a Stick

Counting our joys and happiness is very good for the soul.


Jaden Paige said...

Hey thanks! :) I'll play...
Oh, and it's MY birthday :D Thanks for asking! I'm looking forward to having the parents cook for me this weekend!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the award. You are so sweet!

Danica Favorite said...