Friday, March 28, 2008


Thanks Andria!! I won two new Dr. Seuss books for lil peanut. Can't wait to read them to her. Thanks again Andria and Co. Also be sure to go over to her site to enter into her newest drawing. The Oprah Book Club book "The New Earth". The contest starts today.

Still learning

Snow's still on the ground so no traveling yet. Rolling home stays dry in the barn.

My indoor activities of late have been quilting. Here's one of the quilts that I helped a friend make for her sons. She did the tracing, cutting and ironing. I did the sewing.

Below is the pillow my daughter-in-law made. She wanted to learn one afternoon and she made the whole thing by herself. I just showed her how. Didn't she do a great job?

Here's the new space I set up for my quilting that doesn't have to be put away at dinner time. Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, I've now learned how to add photos to the text, sort of. I'm looking forward to finishing the quilt I'm working on now before the nice weather comes along and takes me outside.

While looking through pictures look who I found

Mimi's little peanut. Don't you just love little girls in their Easter dresses? And her smile never ends. Her rents try to tell me differently, but they haven't convinced me yet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've been reading other blogs and thinking "wow, that looks like a lot of work". Was I ever right! Just the learning curve alone. I feel like I've learned so much...and to look at it you'd think "what are you talking about you only put a picture up". Well, let me tell you that took a lot of work. But it feels good to have accomplished that. Gotta go search more pictures. Maybe one of me and my 'maintenance man'. We'll see what I come up with.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's Begin

Well, we're planning on travelling a little more this year and I decided to blog our trips to keep family and friends updated. So, I'm in for a lot of learning about this "blog" thing and I hope I can make it as interesting as I'm sure the trips will be. Pictures will be a big part of the adventure so I'm really hoping that process is not too difficult. In the next few weeks this will be all about planning and preparing for an extended absence. Today I did "on line" payment processes to be able to receive and pay bills while away from home. Still need to arrange for lawn maintenance as our house sitter will not be responsible for that big job. We're also planning on a home improvement project in the next few weeks before we take off. The roof needs to be replaced and we thought we'd add a front porch in the process. Of course that means the front landscaping needs to be removed to make room for the porch. Yes, things like that just snowball for us all the time lol. Hope the weather is on our side.

Anyway, I'm hoping this will help me to keep track of all that needs to be done as well as chronicle our adventures. So be sure to check in often over the coming months to see "Where the Road Takes Us"!