Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen 13th Edition

My TT this week is 13 projects I finished within the last year. We did a lot of traveling so I'm not even sure how I did it, I guess my secret is out, I can't sit with idle hands.
1. purple baby blanket

2. pink baby blanket

3. green baby blanket

4. stuffed puppy

5. toy elephant

6. while traveling I made a lot of these dishcloths and gave them away to family

7. dark rose baby blanket

8. blue baby blanket

9. My friend, Tammy, and I made this for her son. She did the cutting & I did the sewing. She also wanted me to say that we actually made 2 (and we did one for each of her 2 younger sons).

10. The pillow shams for the quilt I made for me.

11. Up North theme quilt.

12. chair pads for the front porch - made with fabrics acquired on our travels - reversable.

13. I made a lot of these shopping bags as Christmas gifts.

So there you have it. Have you ever looked back to see what you've accomplished in a year? I always find it amazing! We do a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.


Tammy said...

You do such great work!!!! You didn't mention with the fish quilt that we made 2 not just that one. You did double the sewing!!! I love all the pretty colors of the baby blankets.

Michelle said...

Beautiful work. Wish I had your talent. How did you get all this done? You sure are busy! Happy TT!

Paula said...

Beautiful...I love the red bag!

Unknown said...

These are so beautiful! You are so talented. Can I adopt you? lol Happy TT!

Jaden Paige said...

Wow! I really love the quilt you made, and what a great idea on the shopping bags! The baby blankets are so sweet, too... I'm in awe at your skill, I haven't made anything lately!

anthonynorth said...

Some great work there. My wife used to always be knitting or crocheting when the kids were young. She even ended up doing tapestry pictures.

Danica Favorite said...

How cool!! I'm teaching myself to knit, so this inspires me toward things I can do someday!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! What patterns are you using for the baby blankets - 'cuz it's gorgeous! Very very nice!

The Bumbles said...

Thanks for visiting our very first TT on music!

I can't sew, knit, crochet - nothin'. But I admire people that can. I love quilts and the stories they tell. My great-grandmother made me some crocheted pot holders once - although they are lovely they aren't very practical. I appreciated the thought and love that went with it.

I saw your other post about things as a teenager - I just wanted you to know that I didn't graduate from high school until 20 years ago, yet I too received a Homemaker Award - although I am still trying to figure out how since I don't know how to sew, or cook! I think it may have had something to do with the childhood education portion of the class - I was good at playing with the toddlers :0)

Thorne said...

Great pics! I'll be crocheting again now that it's cooling off. I can't stand the feel of the yarn (especially blankets) when it's hot weather. Lovely quilts, too! Happy TT! Come read about the
Witch's New Year

Qtpies7 said...

I LOVE your up north quilt! That is fantastic!
I don't have the attention span to make something so big and intricate. I get bored if I don't see an end. Small knitting projects are my limit, lol.
I am working on crocheting a stuffed seal, but I haven't gotten far.

SandyCarlson said...

You do beautiful work. Eveyrone I know who has a homemade dishcloth loves them. Being able to wash them makes them very happy!