Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm still not in the swing of things since vacation (you would think a month would be plenty of time, but alas). I do want to do a Thursday Thirteen though so today is 'Thirteen things on my desk'.

1. computer (yeah, where would we be without that?)
2. phone (I would love to do without that)
3. pictures of peanut (lots of pictures for when I want to daze)
4. calculator (have to have that - I work with numbers)
5. pens and pencils...nuf said
6. tea cup (and water glass)
7. stapler
8. tape
9. calendar
10. paper clips
11. rubber bands
12. lots of folders
13. lots and lots and lots of filing (who said we were a paperless society?)

So there you have it, I'll try do work on something better for next week.


Julia said...

What a list! I have lot of stuff on my computer desk too...and that remind me, I need to go clean it up teehehe :)

One thing though, I can't live without my computer or cell phone either. Not even my TV LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog - have a Happy Thursday!

Michelle said...

I bet it's hard to get back in the swing of things after an amazing vacation like yours. Great list. I'd be lost without my computer. Thank God for technology. Happy TT to you!!

Anonymous said...

Paperless society? We kill more trees than ever now!

Great list :)

anthonynorth said...

That sounds a lot like my desk, except the overflow of hundreds and hundreds of books. Sometimes I have to be dug out :-)

Anonymous said...

My home desk has all of the above minus the file folders. Add some random things like a hair brush, dice, a DVD and books, and it's practically the same.

Eimi said...

I have a lot of that on my desk and much, much MORE!! (clutter)

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Danica Favorite said...

I have a lot of the same stuff on my desk, though I'm not sure you could find it all!y

Kim said...

Just like you I would rather be playing with my toddler. Thanks for stopping by. Kim

The Gal Herself said...

Except for the rubber bands, your desk could be my desk! (I'm big into binder clips). Thanks for visiting my TT.