Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SHHH Peanut's Birthday Gift

About a month ago I found some great free knit patterns on line for Barbie cloths. I got all excited and decided to make Peanut (who will be 5 on 7/23/12) a whole Barbie wardrobe. I knitted some nights til I thought I would go blind lol. It took me about an hour to do my photo shoot :) and you can only imagine the amount of time to upload all of the photos, but I LOVE the results.... So sit back and enjoy my fashion show for my little fashionista.

She loves brides, so this is the beginning of the fashion show.

Love this bronze number with the pleat looking bottom.

And a short bronze mini dress.

Blue sparkley long gown.

Blue sparkley mini dress.   Notice they each have their own headband and purse.

This red sparkley dress would be great for a Christmas party.

Red mini dress.

I thought I was doing a long and short dress of each color, but this didn't end up being very long.

Purple sparkley mini dress.

On to the casual items.  This first one in camo cargo pants with short sleeve top and hat.

And instead of a purse it has a backpack.

Shorts and sleeveless top with a headband.  Kelly at work said she always wanted headbands for her Barbies so I thought Peanut would want them too.

Pink dress with headband and purse slung over her shoulder.  The dressier dresses had purses with golden colored handles.

Pink mini skirt and sleeveless top.

Pink shorts with same sleeveless top and hat.

Long pink pants with short sleeve top.

Turquoise halter top dress with headband and purse.

Tulip skirt with sleeveless top, headband and purse.

Shorts with same sleeveless top and hat.

Long bell bottom pants with short sleeve top.

Blue dress with the same pleating look as the bronze long dress.

Mini skirt and sleeveless top   (are you seeing a pattern here?  Each color has a dress, skirt, shorts, long pants, sleeveless top, short sleeve top, hat, headband, and purse.)

Blue shorts and sleeveless top

Blue cargo pants with short sleeve top

Light blue mini dress with eyelet detail at the bottom.

Mini skirt and sleeveless top with same eyelet detail as mini dress.  (my photography is definitely lacking)

Light blue shorts and sleeveless top.

Long pants and short sleeve top with same detailing.

Originally I had discovered a really interesting way of storage using zip lock bags in a 3 ring binder.  The clothes ended up being too thick or maybe just too many for a 3" binder, so I just ended up holding the bags together with a ring hook and made this cute bag to hold everything.  On one side of the bag is  this cover stating that it is Maggie's Barbie Closet.  She really liked this picture of her and me at a Mother's Day Tea at her preschool.

Without a pattern I guessed a little too small and everything didn't fit in the bag so I put pockets on the outside to hold more of the items.  This shows the quart size bags holding Hats, Headbands, Purses and shoes.  I used the bags that had the easy zip pulls.

All of the hats are in one bag so my fashionista can mix and match the outfits.

All of the headbands... thanks Kelly for suggesting this.

The purses ended up in a pile, but this still keeps them in one spot.

I bought a lot of shoes from China lol and only a few pair fit.  Maybe she has more from other outfits that she already owns.

And this is how the outfits are stored.  Each picture that I took is placed on card stock showing the whole outfit.  The bride one had all of the pieces in the one zip bag.

So there you have it.  I had so much fun making this and I hope she has as much fun playing with it.  I only wish I had something like this when I was a kid.

I'll be making at least 3 more wardrobes for each of my other granddaughters so it's a good thing I enjoy making them.    This is the website that I used for the patterns .  The headband and purse patterns I just made up - pretty simple.  The fancy dresses were made using Vanna's Glamour yarn.  The colored outfits used a baby yarn or similar light weight 2 ply yarn.  The trial one I made I used a worsted yarn and it was way to thick and the outfit ended up being too big.  So what are you waiting for?  I want to hear those needles clicking.