Thursday, October 2, 2008

Landscape Design

As you probably know, we put a front porch on our house this year and now the whole front needs to be relandscaped. While on vacation I kept a watchful eye out, but we were in such a different region of the country that I didn't get any concrete ideas.

Well, last night I went to the local nursery armed with photos of the whole front of the house looking for help. I was hoping they had a computer program that they could put my house and dimensions in and then plug in different plants. No such luck. The young man was helpful and suggested several different plants. Problem is I just can't picture them. A few of his suggestions were: Sweet Shrub; Clethra; Kerria; Currant and Endless Summer Hydrangia. Here are a couple of the pictures that I took in for reference.

We plan on taking out the old bushes in the front there.

I need some help here. Any suggestions? I guess I have to see it.


Michelle said...

My suggestion to you is buy a book. That's what I did when we bought our newly built home with absolutely no landscaping. I was at a loss and so confused. The book really helped me out. It even helped me design our driveway. Which I still totally love. Good luck with the project.

Tammy said...

Did you call English Gardens, maybe they have more to offer. You did do a great job in your back yard. I'm sure you could do it. I just read Michells idea and guess what I think I have some books. I'll look and see and bring them to you.