Tuesday, January 6, 2015

50 Goals for 2015

50 Goals For 2015

My daughter recently posted her 50 things to accomplish for 2014 here that she did for last year. She posted it at the beginning of the year and then again at the end to see how she did. I've always been a list maker so was thinking maybe I should try this too. Let me tell you it's hard coming up with 50 things. It's even harder to do a blog post after a year of not doing them lol And to top it off I'm using my new Apple computer. So much new stuff - guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.... it's just really really hard.

So without further ado here's the list:

1. knit afghan for Donna
2. finish sweater for myself
3. make one more Barbie wardrobe
4. make 10 prayer shawls for Prayer Shawl ministry
5. Exercise/walk 3 days/week
6. do 50 book challenge
7. purge papers from file cabinet
8. make baby quilts using leftover jelly roll strips
9. make 18" doll cloths while traveling
10. clean basement cupboards
11. clean basement storage room
12. attend church when in town
13. go down 1 size in clothes
14. blog at lease once per month
15. organize photos on computer/phone & store on disc
16. practice patience
17. meditate more
18. eat healthier
19. when home clean house once/week
20. use wii 2x/week when home
21. have closet doors finished and installed in middle bedroom
22. have pot lights put in living room
23. make chocolate molded candies for Easter and Christmas
24. mail Christmas cards in 2015
25. fertilize garden 2x/month
26. visit grandkids at least every other week when home
27. watch grandkids at least 1 weekend so parents can take a break
28. entertain no less than 1/month when home
29. do GRANDKIDS picture frame
30. finish jigsaw puzzle
31. learn to crochet
32. take Spanish class or Spanish for Dummies
33. call Dave & Bud every couple of weeks
34. cook meatless 1/week
35. bake bread or rolls 1/week when home
36. clean pantries
37. make freezer meals from Tastefully Simple ideas
38. make & keep couple of homeless bags in car
39. pray for individual family members daily
40. print off this list so I remember it
41. research writing a Memoir
42. connect with someone I don't see often 1/week
43. take classes on Apple
44. drink at least 32 oz water/day
45. put all garden supplies in one spot in garage
46. read through Bible in a year (again)
47. journal 1/week
48. do purple heart collection
49. clean kitchen cupboards
50. clean bathroom linen closet

Reading through this now I see I will need to do lots of lists or calendars so I can track everything. What have I done to myself? lol Oh well, a challenge is always a good thing. Helps to learn and grow.

By the way, this list is in no order at all! Just mumbled things that came to mind over a few days while searching my mind for 50 things. You think it's simple? Try it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! "Be the change you want to see in the world."