Friday, November 8, 2013

Updating Motorhome

Can't believe I haven't blogged since March 2013!! Anyway, we were at an RV Rally this summer in Elkhart IN and, as usual, we went through all of the new coaches seeing things that we'd like in our coach without buying a new one. We really liked that so many of the big spacious coaches have an office area and they are just cleaner looking. Ours is 10 years old now and starting to look a little worn. We are also talking about traveling more now that I too am retired and would like to have a few things that I will be using more often on the road. While talking with a salesman he said they had a 'used' couch in their repair showroom that was similar to the one in the coach we were sitting in. So, the next Monday we traveled over to the showroom to have a look. What they had there was an 'L' shaped sofa arrangement and we could only use the one twin size section to make our little 'office' area. First step was to call the owner to see if he would seperate the two pieces... yes. Next measure, measure, measure to see that it would fit. Yes, so now the trade out.

New sofa:

Old sofa:

Above is the new seating area. MM built the cabinet that houses the laptop, printer and sewing machine. I took pictures of the old couch with my phone and I've just spent an hour trying to get it uploaded... unsuccessful :(. Anyway, you can see how clean this area is now. The loveseat sized sofa folds out and has an air mattress for a comfortable sleeping area. The old sofa picture isn't the one I wanted to use, but was somehow able to upload it... (shaking head). Trust me, the new lighter sofa is so much brighter and cleaner looking and to have a space for my sewing machine and printer is wonderful. By the way, the new sofa is from a 2012 Thor, which is a high end coach. In the second picture you can see the back of the dinette seat and that is the fabric that was on the original couch.