Friday, February 8, 2013

The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans

Can a person love two people at the same time, and how does one choose just one? Julia meets Ed first and is in relationship with him when she meets his best friend Connor and has a "love at first sight" experience. Connor reciprocates this feeling, but both he and Julia manage not to pursue a love that would hurt Ed. The summer of life-altering events finds the three in Montana where Ed and Connor are smoke jumpers, something that they've been doing for several years together. Julia is working with troubled teens in a outdoors outreach program. A devastating fire forces choices that seem to doom any satisfaction of feelings for Julia and Connor. Connor finds a life for himself courting danger on a daily basis. Connections, however, of people who love each other as these three do find ways to hang on. Once again, Evans has taken the vast scenery of places, in this case Montana and Africa, and enfolded those places into the heart of the story.

It's been a while since I've posted a book I've read, but maybe I'm back on track. The Smoke Jumper was floating around the office and I nabbed it when Carol finished it. It was a good read that brought very visual pictures to mind. Love can be so strong and painful as well and strong and sweet and you see it all in this book. Nicholas Evans also wrote the Horse Whisperer.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little Bit of Everything

Just downloaded my camera and wanted to share a few pictures.

This first picture is our newest addition at Christmas time. She was about 2 weeks old here. Just want to squeeze those sweet cheeks.

This was supposed to be a picture of the 5 grandchildren. Four out of five isn't bad. The baby is 2 weeks, being held by the 5 year old, seated next to the 2 year old and bringing up the right hand side is the 3 year old.

This is a family photo of our son's family. Beautiful wife and 3 beautiful daughters.


Our daughter and her family. Including the only grandson that eluded the grandchildren photo.

A friend at work was getting ready to move and brought in lots of yarn that she didn't want anymore. A few of us divided it up and there were four skeins left that really didn't go with anything. I looked at them and saw a beautiful, colorful baby blanket. I lightened it up in Picasa, but guess it didn't carry over.  It is very bright.

There was some colorful yarn left over and I pictured an outfit for the oldest granddaughter's American Girl doll. Kind of impressed myself since I didn't have a pattern for anything except the white blouse. Again, I love the colors. A poncho reminded me of the '60's and a purse with fringe is a must. Gotta thank my friend from work for bringing in a model for me - gotta get me one of these dolls.

This photo shows the individual pieces of the outfit.

I made a scarf like this for myself and then got a request from my friend for this one. Love the colors she picked out.

This was a really hard week this week. My baby brother, Bill, died on January 27, 2013. He was only 54 and lost his battle with lung cancer. I'm really going to miss him. The loss really hit hard when I realized that there are only 4 of 9 of us left. I've lost 3 brothers in just over 3 years. I can definitely say it doesn't get any easier. Until we meet again Bill, I love you.

So there you have it. Going forward I hope to do a lot more blogging since I only have 54 days left before I acquire 40 extra hours in every week. My mind is swimming with all the possibilities.