Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fertilize Friday 3/8/13

Our wonderful host Tootsie who I haven't checked out yet today. She always has gorgeous pictures and wonderful hints for gardners. There are a lot of other gardeners linking up so check them all out.

It's not Spring here yet so there's nothing going on in any outside gardens. Last Fall I brought in a few plants from the front porch and they've all survived. Okay so I use the word "survived" loosely. When I put them outside again they will bounce right back.

We're lucky enough to have a spare bathroom that we don't use the tub in very often so that's where the plants hang out. Convenient huh? This lime plant is going into it's third year that I've had it. I got it as a small sprig from a catalog store.

It doubled in size last summer so I'm looking forward to seeing the growth this year. I gave one to my Daughter when I got them and her's actually got a lime on it the first year. I wasn't that lucky, but maybe this year. Hope I don't have the one that won't produce.

Below are the three plants that have taken up residence in the bathtub. There's a philodendron, spider and ivy. As you can see photography isn't my strong suite, but I'm working on that. The philodendron does the best, the spider tips start browning and the ivy just plain old thins out and looks sickly. The good thing is that they all bounce right back when they go outside.

While traveling last summer we went to an art fair and I bought this interesting African Violet planter. The pot that the dirt and plant go into fits into another pot that will hold water and continue to feed the African Violet. Very interesting pot. I fell in love immediately. Now if I can only get the plant to bloom beautifully.

The lady I bought the planter from gave me a leave from her plant and I bought a plant from a local big box store. See the new growth? Yes, that's coming from the leave that I got from the potter.

Here's a picture of the planter.

And finally the seperation of the two pots. I'm really hoping for a plant like I had several years ago. I had one on my desk at the office and it bloomed profusely all year round. I can do this lol Yeah, right.

Anyway, that's my offering for this week. Really looking forward to Spring and Summer this year. With retirement in my future I'll have lots of time that I never had before. No more squeezing in an hour here and a half hour there.... I can garden to my little hearts content. How about you? What kind of greenery is in your life right now?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

Are there any other knitters out there? Don't know what it is, maybe I just find it relaxing. I'll be sitting, watching television and can't just watch tv, I need to pick up the needles and knit. And I'm not running out of projects. At Christmas time I knitted hats, scarves, and mittens for all of the grandchildren (there are 5 now and I LOVE them to pieces). I also made scarves for several friends - ruffle scarves, infinity scarves and button scarves. I picked up the needles last night and started another infinity scarf. I love that you can find any pattern you might want on the internet - that's where I found the pattern for the infinity scarf.

I made up a pattern for an outfit for the American Girl doll. It's a full kind of pheasant skirt, a poncho and then I thought it needed a purse with fringe. Kind of hippy-like. I've made three of each so far for the three oldest granddaughters.

I've also made tons of Barbie cloths.  There are a few projects I want to do for next Christmas and I'm in need of a few fresh dish cloths.  So I'll just keep knitting away and hope I don't become a knitwit lol. 

So what are you doing to keep from going stir crazy as winter comes to a close?  Spring is on it's way.... hold on.  Looking forward to warmer weather so I can get a little dirt under my fingernails.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Taking Care Of Plants Indoors


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