Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meme Down Memory Lane

I've been tagged by Harmony and Mommy on the Fly with this fun meme to come up with seven facts about me when I was a teenager. That's was a LONG time ago, but here goes:

1. I received a "Homemaker Award" in High School.
2. My first car was a Ford Falcon - my Dad got it because it had a working radio, but not for long.
3. I didn't get a "job" job til after graduation, just babysitting
4. Being the 7th child of 9 I was very protected and naive.
5. My friend, Sherry and I used to walk around town late at night and sing (her parents must have liked music from the 40's and 50's because that's what we sang).
6. I played Tripole at my friend Marie's house on Friday nights.
7. One of my favorite songs was "Only the Strong Survive" by Jerry Butler.

Now I need to tag more people...If you're listed, you need to post seven things about yourself as a teenager
Crazy Mom


Jaden Paige said...

What a cool one! I'll play along. Thanks for tagging me :D

Anonymous said...

Fun and different. As soon as I can think clearly AND remember back that far I will play. Probably the beginning of next week!

Michelle said...

Hey I did this one too. It was fun.