Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visit with Second Cousins

Had a great visit with my second cousins Betty and John and their families. They both have farms near Camrose AL. Betty and her husband Al are raising sheep and some of the most adorable children you’ll ever see. He has his diesel repair business right there on the farm so he doesn't waste any time commuting. Betty is absolutely amazing with her love and care of children (she also makes the most delicious bread). We took lots of family photos that I’ll share when I get home, but I’ll continue here with adult/baby pictures. They had lots of sheep.

And how about this one of man and son. Too cute. Joey had been holding a lamb and when he got tired Daddy was carrying it back to the pen.

Oh yeah, Tuesday night (6/17) we brought them a pretty wild storm too. We’re thinking about hiring out as rainmakers lol.

John and Dorothy have a farm about 3 km from Betty and Al. They live in a home built in 1913 I think. I love all the old design and architecture. Their barn used to house barn dances and the piano would be put up in the hay loft.

They farm pigs, chickens, all organic, and they have a huge turkey named “Easter”. They said Easter weighed about 50 pounds!

They had a few black faced lambs too.

Isn't their farm just the greatest play yard?

Dorothy & John have created a lot of interesting garden spots around the property that I just fell in love with. I felt like we were on the same adventure as the story book “The City Mouse visits the Country Mouse” lol I’m sure that’s not the title, but it was something like that. We again felt so welcomed and like we’ve known each other for a long time. We’re both very glad that we made the time to visit our Canadian family.


whoever said...

I love your story telling abilities! It was sooo nice to visit with you.

I'm sure you should have filled in "Easter's" 'rest of the story'... how his name used to be "Thanksgiving" and then "Christmas" and now its "Easter"... wonder how long that mean old buzzard will live! LOL.... (He might be pretty... but he could use some temerity in his manners!)

You sure are making good time!

We still had rain yesterday... likely some hangover from when you were still in Alberta!

Safe driving!

(Watch out for that bear!)

siteseer said...

Thanks for filling that in. My mind is turning to mush. No bear yet. Just dead mooses and horses. Oh yeah, one live moose but he was far off.

B Boys Mom said...

What a cool farm! Is Easter real named Easter because they are going to eat him for Easter? I'm a little behind on my reading so I have to go read the next post. Bye