Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fort Nelson to Liard River Hot Springs 6/21/08

Today we travelled another 189 miles and stopped early at Liard Hot Springs. MM figured out a protective shield for the toad and we still collected lots of stones on the wiper blades.

We got an early start and the traffic was very light for the first few hours. The roads were as we expected, mostly good with a few spots that were loose gravel and very dusty. There were a lot of twisty curvy roads with a couple of spots that had grades from 6 – 9%. All in all very nice.
We were promised wildlife and today was a great example. We saw Stone Sheep, Buffalo, deer, caribou, snowshoe hare, beaver and a bear (the bear was too far off to get any shots).
Stone sheep & baby



The hare and beaver escaped our camera, but I’ll try to be faster. The caribou, stone sheep, and buffalo were actually right on the highway and we had to stop for them to move. And with the roads so twisty you can see why you don’t travel too fast.
The views were magnificent! Every turn you came out of brought another ooh or aah. They call this Indian Head Mountian.

The color of water at Muncho Lake was a beautiful turquoise they say it's from the copper leaching into the water. We stopped for lunch here.

I got this shot of the beaver dam and just as were starting to move again I saw a beaver…too late.

I took over 125 pictures today – here are just a few of the scenery ones.

We were passed by a lot of the rally cars again today. Makes sense since we’re all going to Alaska. We notice a lot of motorcycles making the trip too. Here’s a car that got an up close and personal look at a moose.

We arrived early at the hot springs and went right in. You travel down a boardwalk to get there.

There is an upper and lower spring. The lower pool is shallower and only about .4 km on the boardwalk, the upper is about .9 km down the boardwalk and we thought hotter. We went in the shallow pool when we got here and the other one after dinner.
This was a Provincial Park and one of the prettiest camps we’ve had so far on this trip.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

I can't believe all the amazing stuff you are seeing along the way!

whoever said...

Beautiful scenery. I thought if you saw one tree, one lake and one mountain... you'd seen them all... but with your eyes for beauty, (your excellent camera and photography) your discriptive monologue and a "re-think" I can see I was totally wrong! It is absolutely breath-taking ... another corner of "God's country" !!

Glad you haven't had any close encounters of the moose variety! And watch out for dem bears! Yikes! I'd be staying in my cabin... big chicken Dyck!

Harmony said...

Awesome!! I love all the animals :)