Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Liard River Hot Springs to Jake's Corner YT Sun 6/22/08

As we were pulling out of the campground this morning the first thing we saw was buffalo and their babies. The babies are not small.

Then we missed a shot at a bear… just not fast enough. Not to be disappointed another bear was just around the bend and this time we were ready.

Then we drove and drove and drove. When we got to Watson Lake we stopped at the Sign Post Forest to hang our sign. I think you can read the history of the Sign Post Forest on this first picture.

As we walked around reading a lot of the signs I noticed this one and thought it was cute.

We finally found a place that was just right for ours.

Back at the visitor information I found this listing of how many new signs are added each year. They said occasionally they have to rearrange the signs as the weather takes its toll. Some of the poles were rotted at the ground this last year and they took off all the signs that were still good and put them on newly installed posts. So, they’ve gone from 12,000 in 1991 to over 64,000 in 2007. There were some from all over the world. I saw Germany, Australia, Sweden, and in Michigan I saw Webberville, Milford, Dearborn, Flint… lots more.

We also went through a museum in Watson Lake that was interesting and then across the street they had a one hour show on the Northern Lights. I was so tired I kept nodding off, but MM said it was interesting.
We didn’t take too many landscape shots today because it rained ALL day. Got this shot of Teslin Lake when we stopped for a break.

We’ve been advertising “Joe’s Headquarters” everywhere we went today. “HI” to everyone at Joe’s

We are now stopped for the night after 344 miles of travel. This is the view outside our bedroom window. Don’t you wish you could wake up to that every morning?


B Boys Mom said...

Hey I like MM new look. Maybe you should change MM to be for Mountain Man now. The view from your window is breath taking! Those are big babies those moose.

Amy said...

Hey Lady,

I am just in awe by how beautiful everything is. By the way, MM is looking hot. Ha Ha Ha .

Thanks for the updates,

Harmony said...

That is a fancy sign! You must have planned ahead for that :)
I thought a 10 lb baby was big - glad I didn't have a moose!!