Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final Day of Amana Rally

Been real busy while here at the rally. Did a little more shopping in the area, which is always fun. I always enjoy the crafts that are offered. On Monday they had a class on iron on appliques or bead embellishments to shirts. I like that so much that I did two.

Tuesday I made a beautiful bracelet. This is very eyestraining, but worth it.

And this morning I made a card using the Iris Folding technique.

Maintenance Man has been busy going to seminars. This mornings was on Coach Modifications. All coach owners that had done aftermarket stuff sent the ideas in and they presented them in a slide presentation. MM showed his window treatment modification - he took the regular blinds that came with it and reversed them to make "down up" shades. I wanted to go to this seminar, but was busy making cards lol.

Tuesday was a beautiful day, weather wise. It was nice not to have to dodge the rain and hang on to something so you wouldn't blow away. After the evening entertainment we came back to camp and had a campfire. About 5 other couples joined us and we had a great time til midnight when it started sprinkling lol.

This morning we woke up and noticed that there were a lot of cars parked on the street (by the Old Creamery Theatre) and wondered if they were using it as a shelter. Come to find out, the Whirlpool plants' parking lot is flooded and the employees are parking up and down this street and being bussed into work. As the day progresses here there are a few coaches leaving because highway 151 will be closing soon and folks wanted to be able to get out. The Coralville Park that we stayed at last week now has floodwaters going over the spillway. The Iowa City outside mall that we visited is flooded too. It's starting to rain again now so there looks to be no relief in sight.

Back to fun stuff, the entertainment following dinner on Monday was The Rivoli Review with Ron & Kay Rivoli. They are the couple that we saw in Berrin Springs at the GLASS Rally. Interestingly, they have several different formats so the show never gets stale. They will be the entertainment tonight too. Last night was a young gal named Sarah Getto. She's a 24 year old gal who is self taught. She started playing piano at the age of 3 and the violin at about 5. She just finished college with honors and now has a degree to teach music. Why I give all of the detail is because she was born blind and had to undergo several surgeries to correct a cleft pa let. She was amazing. She did a lot of Anne Murray and she did a great Rheba McIntire. She will soon be going on tour to the military bases where young soldiers have lost their eyesight to show them that all things are possible. Just an amazing young woman.

Anyway, it's raining again here lol. We're going to head out tomorrow at a leisurely pace and travel to a higher, dryer place. The flooding in the area is record breaking. There are a lot of mandatory evacuations and the gas and electricity is being shut off to certain areas. It will be awhile before normalcy returns to this area.


Michelle said...

Great job on the crafts. Really Beautiful. I really like the bracelet. I heard on the news about all the flooding in the area that you guys are in. I hope all goes well for you. Stay dry.

Harmony said...

Wow on the weather! Glad it didn't do much to interrupt your fun :)

Cool looking shirts, bracelet and card...I love doing that stuff too.

B Boys Mom said...

All I can say is get out of Iowa! I can't believe the weather they have had. Your crafts are wonderful. The bracelet is awesome you really did a great job. Go west to dry land!

B Boys Mom said...

Happy anniversary Judi and Roger! 37 years Wow!!!!!!

Girl said...

Totally not post related but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

whoever said...

Ya... wow! How close were you to the boy scout campsite?

You are on your way north by now so I pray thee tell... what is a "leisurely pace" ... are the whites of yer eyes nearing the Canajan border yet?

And ditto to the other comment about the crafts! They are wonderful... I am craft challenged but I know good stuff when I see it!

siteseer said...

The whites of our eyes almost saw Canada today, then another storm chased us into a camp. Tomorrow for sure (maybe).