Friday, June 20, 2008

Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson

Okay, so I've figured out that 1400 miles is not your typical 1400 miles lol. This is going to take awhile. We travelled 282 miles today. Got a few cool pics. Had to do the corney lumber jack

Then we got a couple of good shots of the Rocky Mountains through the windshield lol.

And just when we were feeling lonely . . . .

When we got to Fort Nelson we noticed a lot of Rally cars. They are travelling from Panama to Alaska. Don't know how many, but there are lots. Here's the one like the James Bond car.

The museum next to our campground has some of the equipment to build the original highway to Alaska.
Having trouble downloading pics.
But, I have the perfect ending to the perfect day. I got an email from a friend at work and they've found my replacement. I think she'll do a great job!

I just wish I could be there to help train her. Thanks to all those at the office that gave her a hug for me.


whoever said...

Wow does the new girl's hair ever look red in that picture! So sweet!

So its slow driving? Is it hilly or something? Or lots of curves? Good thing its not snowing then! And its practically daylight most of the way! Ha ha... no rest for the weary!

Harmony said...

Hahahaha...we had a good time catching up :) Glad you guys are having a great time! Love all the tourist-y stuff!

siteseer said...

Whoever, yes, both mom and dad had hair like that as a child that age. Slow going because of lots of curver, lots of animals, some gravel roads, and just wanting to see everything out there. haha Actually roads are much better than we anticipated.

Michelle said...

Hmmm, that replacement looks familiar. LOL!! Loved the lumber jack picture.

B Boys Mom said...

Your replacement is doing a great job. But she went to lunch and hasn't come back. Once again love the pictures. The mountains are just beautiful!!!