Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May 31 Saturday

Saturday May 31st. – After doing my computer stuff at the library we found a parking spot at the city park and biked around town and over to the Iowa City College Campus area. What a great spot for biking. It reminded me a lot of the Chatanooga campus area with the bike path along the river and bridges to cross over. Most of it was pretty level and they are used to kids on bikes so it was pretty safe. Stopped for an Italian sausage dog, as sold in Fenway Park, while in the outdoor mall. There were a few sculptures in the mall. This was one of them.

After the bike ride we drove around a little more. The beach at Coralville is now under water, actually, most of the beach parking lot is also underwater. That is probably why there are so many gnats out here. Our campsite is dry, but I’m guessing everything is still pretty damp if the water levels are so high.
I’m missing family – good thing I have a few of my favorite pictures to help me out lol. While we are set up I have my pictures out.

And of course I always have my little "Brag" book that I can look at. :)
Sunday June 1st – A relaxing day at camp. Did laundry in the early part of the day then walked down to the lake to take a few pictures.
This is the beach restroom.

This is a shot of a loop of the campground. You can see the electric boxes as the dark spots bobbing in the water.

This afternoon we watched as the park started emptying – and we didn’t have to pack up just because it was Sunday. oh yeah, this is a great feeling.


Michelle said...

Wow, that's some major flooding. To bad you didn't get a chance to use the lake.

B Boys Mom said...

Wow they have a lot of water. The campus sounds really nice to bike around. Keep having fun.

Harmony said...

Eww...the underwater restrooms kinda gross me out! Hahaha...