Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dawson Creek BC

Wednesday, around 1 we left Betty and Al's and travelled another 276 miles to Fox Creek on Hwy 43. It was a really nice campground about 1km off the highway. Thursday we woke up early and decided to get going. It was only 173 miles to Dawson Creek BC. We did make a couple of stops along the way. One at the Grande Prairie Information Visitor center that had an interesting museum with the area history. Lots of the history was about 10-20 years before my grandparents made their trip to SK so I found it quite interesting to see what they might have gone through. Our second stop was to get a cheesie shot of this huge beaver in Beaverlodge. It is 15 feet high and is perched on a 19 foot log.

We arrived in Dawson Creek quite early with the time change (we are now 3 hours earlier than at home - 7:00 here 10:00 home). We set up camp and then took the car in for a much needed wash and to get some more touristy photos lol. There were three signs that I saw that said the beginning of the Alaskan Highway and I didn't want to miss the right one so we took one of each.

Notice anything different about my Maintenance Man? He's becoming my Mountain Man hehehe.
We also got a shot of this grain elevator. There was a gift shop inside.

We've gotten a few questions from friends that I thought I'd answer here. The temperatures that we've been having are around 40 overnight and in the 70's for the daytime. Most of the time it's quite sunny and nice. We haven't had rain since...oh yeah, yesterday on the way to Fox Creek... oh well, we're on our way now to start a new record. No rain at all today!! We did see a glimpse of the Rockies today.

The fuel prices have ranged from $1.31/liter to $1.44/liter.

I was thinking that since we were at Dawson Creek that we were almost to Alaska. No way!!! The Alaskan Highway is 1400 miles!!! We aren't even near Alaska. Doing 500 miles a day would get us there in 3 days. Five hundred a day is a lot in this get up. Good thing we aren't in a hurry.

I'll try to update again as things happen and when wireless is available. Keep posted.


Anonymous said...

miss you guys! love lil dee

siteseer said...

miss you too. Give the kids a hug for me

Michelle said...

Cute beaver picture. Love hubbies new look. Hope you guys are having a great time.

B Boys Mom said...

Dawson Creek wasn't that a TV show? No one I watched but I remember hearing it. Love the pictures.