Friday, June 6, 2008

How to Comment on a Post

Had a few questions on how to comment on a post. I'm going to try to do some cut and paste on how to comment. At the bottom on any post you will see something like this
North Liberty Iowa Library
blah blah What a great idea. We need to pass this on and let the idea spread.
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Just click on the "comment".
That will take you to something like this
Ok, so that didn't work. I could cut and paste to a word document, but not to here. Anyway, once you click on the comment it takes you to another screen where you just start typing your comment and you can see the other comments as well. Once you've typed your comment you must put in the squiggle letters that you see (this is to prevent spammers from leaving comments). Then you can either put your email and password (I don't see these) and hit publish or hit anonymous and hit publish. Either way the comment then goes to my email for moderation before being published. If you do anonymous it would be helpful to us if you left you name in the comment, but you don't have to.


B Boys Mom said...

I hope this helps people. I know you want to hear from others beside's me, michelle and Becki

siteseer said...

no matter. lol I know they're out there lol Hope they're enjoying our travels.

Michelle said...

Great idea. I've noticed that at some of the blogs I've stopped at it's hard to find the comment section.

Harmony said...

What, T - you think the three of us aren't enough? ;)

I like reading other peoples' comments too!

B Boys Mom said...

It dosen't look like the comments have increased. I'm going to show Renee today how to do it, maybe Karen too.

siteseer said...

Do that, I'd love to hear from everyone. I miss you guys