Monday, June 9, 2008

Daily Happenings

On Sunday we drove around more of the Amanas(the Amanas include:Amana, East Amana, West Amana, South Amana, High Amana & Middle Amana) and checked out more of the flooding. Went to a quaint quilt shop and bought some quilting stencils and fabric (don't know if I needed that).

The Iowa County Courthouse caught my eye with it's unique architecture.

It has interesting spire like details on the corners.

Found Lily Lake that should have lilies floating on the water, but the water is too high. All the lilies are drowning.

The original design of the houses in the Amanas were very similar to each other and they had lattice/trellis kind of boards on the outside. MM thought is might have been to help keep the homes cooler in the summer with a layer of vegetation on the outside.

The weather out here has been bad - as you've probably noted on the national news. This is the first day that there is not a weather warning running along the bottom of a tv screen. Last night just as we were leaving for the welcoming party there was a severe storm coming through. It was to hit our area the same time as the party started. All the gatherings here take place in a big old pole barn, not a storm shelter. The rains came down sideways and the winds were billowing the awnings (actually no one had their awnings out, but most of the slide outs have an awning over them). The lightening and thunder were all there too. The power went out just as we got up to the food table lol. They came back on pretty quick and things just kept rolling along as if nothing was happening outside. With everyone talking and all you hardly noticed what was going on outside. That is until we looked outside. Most of the campsites were lakefront by this time, but the rain had stopped. Once back at camp we just kept watching the sky

The storms were all around us after that, but not here.

This morning (Monday) we had the tv alarm on to wake us up and it was the morning news. It almost reminded me of Michigan after a blizzard. The ticker on the bottom of the screen was showing cancellations, county road closings, water boil notices, red cross shelter locations and sand bag locations for volunteers. Lots of clean up after the big storm. No rain is in the forecast for today or tomorrow so maybe it will dry up a little. I was surprised to see how much had dried up just overnight.

Lots to do today, just wanted to let you all know we survived last night lol.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, that is really beauitful! really!

Harmony said...

Yikes - crazy storms!!

That courthouse almost looks like a church, with all the spires :)

B Boys Mom said...

The weather seems to be strange everywhere. These storms are so bad and a bit scary.

Anonymous said...

Judi, thank you so much for taking me on vacation with you, you're so good at describing things and the pictures are great. Sounds like that even bad weather here and there is'nt dampening your trip. We miss your smiling face, had Polly's shower today it was very nice.Did'nt know that I could e-mail you until Tammy told me and showed me how, hope you continue to enjoy your great adventure, Karen

Michelle said...

Gosh, Sounds like a crazy night with the weather. Glad you guys are doing okay. Loved the gorgeous shot of the weather.