Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Disney Week

We had a very full and fast week. Our travel time was very pleasant with Peanut playing from her car seat. I'm still amazed that she travelled so well. Only once did she say "STUCK" like she wanted to get out. Daughter just explained that the car was moving and she had to stay in her seat. She was not stuck lol.

Peanut did a lot of napping - not a bad thing.

Once we checked into Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground we set off to explore the area. This first photo was with a Mickey topiary.

Another shot with Mickey - of sorts :)

We also rode the monorail - Peanut enjoyed all modes of transportation - especially the boat ride.

When we were waiting for a boat once Peanut wanted to go walking on this particular boat dock. They guy said no one was allowed on the dock without a jacket, so she donned a jacket and walked like she owned the place.

The campground had a market with souvenirs and some groceries. Peanut spotted these cute dogs and wanted them all. It was really funny how she was trying to hoard them all. When it was time to go Daughter just explained that the doggies lived there and we'd visit them again another time. Is that not AMAZING!!??

The campground has a fun evening campfire and entertainment with Chip and Dale. This evening Peanut was so cute that her family was selected to have a 'magical moment' with Chip and Dale. In case you've forgotten, Peanut does not like large heads - they're just not normal. She tried to claw her way out of the picture so we had to act fast. The rest of the evening she loved dancing and running around... just keep those characters away from her!

The first day at the Magic Kingdom was very exhausting. When I decided this would be a good shot guess who was sleeping? Still a nice shot.

Papa was holding her on his shoulder - don't you love her chubby cheeks?

The Tom Sawyer Island was hot and had lots of caves and tunnels. We made it through them and posed for a family photo.

Peanut was full of lots of hugs. I think she just loved the constant attention - the week was all about her :)

A shot with Mimi and Peanut.

The day that Mom and Dad went to the park alone we did some exploring on our own. At the Wilderness Lodge they had a very colorful totem pole with the Disney characters.

We also just chilled at the camper with bubbles. Peanut is so easily entertained that we all had a great time.

We did several rides and one evening went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at Planet Hollywood. You could literally find something to do every spare minute you wanted to. A couple of days was not nearly long enough to explore everything so we'll definitely have to plan another outing. Maybe next time Muffin will be old enough to join us. Hope so.... we'll have twice the fun!


Harmony said...

It was definitely an awesome trip!! Thanks so much :)

B Boys Mom said...

I just love you peanut pictures. She is just so sweet. You have some great vacation pictures here and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. What fun!!!!

koe whitton-williams said...

We've always loved our Disney trips. It looks like your family did too.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Sounds like a great time!! So glad you all enjoyed yourselves. :-)

Lynne said...

Looks like such a great time! The little ones are so much fun to watch, they love it all!

Anonymous said...

Finally, my sister's computer is having luck loading your site! Randy's will not load it for some reason. Very cute pics!! Looks like a ton of fun.