Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mortgate Rates

With the current economic times I've often thought about refinancing our home to get a little equity to add to our cash flow. I've heard that the mortgage rates aren't too bad right now and you never know what tomorrow might bring. I still think refinancing would be a better option for us than a home equity loan. Still thinking about it... maybe we'll go into the 'wait and see' mode.


Harmony said...

Fixed rates are pretty darn good right now.

The Mother said...

Unfortunately, mortgage rates haven't exactly tanked with the rest of the economy. The tight credit is keeping them artificially high. You can get a great rate on an ARM, but it's not such a great idea if the economy bounces and rates start to go up.

Happy shopping, and good luck.

Michelle said...

I agree, rates are really good right now. I wish that we could refi, but we owe more then our house is worth right now. Hopefully the housing market will get better soon.