Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Heat Is On - Give Me My AC

Every year around this time we decide it's a good time to check the air conditioners in the car and motorhome. At auto ac compressor they have good deals on keeping things running. I remember years ago we took the motorhome to Texas in the middle of summer and swore that we'd never do that again. A few years later we made an appointment at Camper World to have one installed on our way to Florida. I don't mind the heat, but if you can't sleep then there is just no functioning the next day. My MM knows that if he's ever going to put up with me then he has to make sure I get my sleep.

I had to laugh on Memorial Day weekend, our friends met us to go into the rally together and Sue gets out of their rig in a sweat shirt and long pants (she was just about to go get on her wool socks. I was in shorts and a tank top. My MM doesn't care if it gets a little warm, Al on the other hand likes it cool. Isn't it funny how everybody's thermostat is just a little different. I don't like it much over 80, and I litterly melt in the 90's. So I definitely like to make sure the AC is working.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Glad you'll be comfortable this summer! I'm happy anywhere between 65 and 85 (if I'm not working too hard). Dick thinks it's a small window... :-) Whatcha gonna do!? ;-)

Harmony said...

I'm with Sue - usually cold!

B Boys Mom said...

Some times air is a must!!!