Friday, December 24, 2010

Dorky Homemade Christmas Gift

Don't know if I usually post it this way, but every year I like to make a handmade gift for my family. They are usually very nice, but some people would probably describe it as a "Dorky Homemade Christmas Gift" hence the title. Anyway, this year I've really enjoyed the potato bag that I bought at a craft show so I went home and made some up for this year's gift.

The directions are really quite easy. Everything has to be 100% cotton - muslin, fabric, batting and thread. Something to do with the heat of the microwave and chemicals in any polyester fabric or thread. Also everything I've read says that they are washable, but do not use fabric softner because of the chemicals.

You'll need exterior fabric 10" x 22" (100% cotton)
muslin 10" x 22" (100% cotton)
100% cotton batting 10" x 22"
100% cotton thread

I've seen some with a potato appliqued on for decoration, but I found a fabric that was great all by itself. If doing an applique position it on the exterior fabric so it will be on the front side of the bag.

Layer the muslin and fabric right sides together then place the batting on top of that. Stitch the top and bottom in a 1/2" seam (that would be the 10" edge). Turn right side out with the batting sandwiched in between and press. Next, with the muslin side down (the exterior fabric facing up) fold the top down about 3" and the bottom up to just overlap the top about 3/4". Using a zigzag stitch stitch the sides. Turn right side out and viola! You're done.

I also fashioned the following directions for use to go with the bag.

Baked Potato Bag

This bag creates a baked potato that is perfect in your
Microwave oven. The inside of the potato is well done,
yet moist, while the skin is tender. The bag will cook up
to 4 medium size potatoes at one time. Wash the potatoes,
DO NOT PRICK!! Wrap potatoes in paper towels and place
in potato bag. Place in oven. Microwave about 8 minutes.
When serving cut open potatoes with a fork. Potatoes
will be fluffy and so-o-o good! If necessary, let bag air dry.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Not dorky at all - just cool! I had no idea you could cook a potato in a bag like that... It's a very nice gift!

Becki said...

I think it's a great gift (and the potatoes it makes are delicious!)

Shannon and Randy said...

I have to go buy potatoes to try it out!

Tammy said...

I have one and they are wonderful! What a great gift.