Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

The best part of Christmas is visiting with family that you don't see all the time. Mom had a small gathering today with a few members of the family. She was there and me, my sister, my daughter and her daughter, my sister's daughter and her three daughters and my niece and her two sons and daughter. After a few had left my nephew came over with his wife... no kids with them. The pictures will say it all :)

This first of my Mom, my daughter and Peanut.

Three of the 25 cousins...

The three cousins lined up pretty well with their offspring :)

My sister and my other sister's daughter... they have the same name and their birthdays are a week apart. Happy Birthday!

The kids had a ball... of course they were perfectly behaved :)

A little later... three cousins of the 25.

So that's day one of the Christmas celebrations. Tomorrow is our immediate family... daughter her husband, son with his wife and the three granddaughters. It's gonna be fun :)!!


Becki said...

Lots of fun today!! Glad to see everyone who came out :)

Karen said...

Wonderful pictures! I'm curious, were there hard feeling that both of you girls named your daughters the same or was that all worked out ahead of time?

Merry Christmas!

siteseer said...

No hard feelings at all... I think it's an honor that someone would name their child after you.

Tammy said...

What a nice family you have. This is great to have a gathering like this.