Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We started our evening by going to early service at church. Don't think we'll do that again next year... it's really hard on the little ones and they get tired out too quickly. We'll do all of our family stuff and anyone that's up to it can go to late service. Anyway, the second mistake came in my decision to not put the food in the oven before we left. It was decided that it might dry out and so we'd put it in when we got home. The little ones were hungry and it was hard waiting an hour before dinner was ready. So those two things will be easily remedied next year. Anyway, while we were waiting for dinner we got a few family pictures. Once again, if you have little ones you know how hard it is to get still pictures ;)

This first one is our daughter and her family.

Then we have our son and his family.

Couldn't resist this one of our son and Punkin. I just love it when she smiles.

While waiting for everyone to get downstairs to open gifts we got a couple of snapshots. This first one is at every Christmas with a little one. They just love to put the bows on their heads :) No exception here. Muffin was grabbing bows off the packages and having a ball.

Peanut got a Belle costume for Christmas from her Aunt and Uncle, complete with shoes, tiara and wand. She was stylin!

I'll spare you the videos of the girls riding me as their horsey. Big grins on their faces til they got thrown :(. At one point we had two horses going at once and lots of giggling.

I got a couple of American Girl Miniture Dolls from Peanut. We'll have fun playing with those. We were too busy tonight, but there's always tomorrow.

We were up late into the night learning the ins and outs of the blue ray player. Watched a couple of movies and then had to tackle the learning of programing the Pandora internet radio. The kids set it up before they left, but then we wanted to add stuff to it and since we were playing horsey during the original set up we were on our own. I was all for making a few phone calls, but MM said 'no' he could figure it out. Yup, he did! What a great feature. In case we're not the last people on the planet to get this I'll explain it a little. Using the blue ray device you can set up music according to your likes or dislikes. We set up 'Alabama' and it plays music by Alabama and other similar music. Today we added the Beach Boys and it has lots of artists from that era... The Beatles, Credence Clearwater... you get the picture.

I'll be cruising other blogs to check out your Christmas celebrations. What makes Christmas so special is spending it with our family. The laughter, giggles and cousins growing together is something I'll always remember.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! The little ones are so fun to have around. But you DO have to schedule around them, don't you? :-)

You're so technologically advanced, wow!! Enjoy your "gadgets!"

Becki said...

We had so much fun - thanks!
Peanut still keeps saying, "I have an idea! Another day I will put on my Belle costume, okay?"
The girls had so much fun together :)
Glad you were able to figure out your new toy!

Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with your family! Hope you aren't too sore from being the horse. LOL You are braver than me to figure out all this blue ray stuff.

Tammy said...

The girls are just beautiful. Your family looks like they had a wonderful time. Celebrations with family are the best and makes the holidays so special.