Friday, December 12, 2008

Things That Make Me Ponder

I was just visiting The Journey of a Writer Danica Favorite and she had on there a post about working out. Now I'm not really big on working out, but I do try to fit it in three or more times a week because I know it's good for me. What gives me pause for pondering is that we never want what we have and we miss it so much when it's gone. Case in point, my Mom (86 years young) is confined to using a walker and then as little as possible. She is always saying "I wish I could walk and drive.". When she could walk I don't know that she ever really worked out. My friend at work (also an older woman of 70) is currently having issues with her knee and as I left for my lunch workout she says "I wish I could go". I don't think she was a big advocate of working out before the injury.

So, for all of us that just don't want to exercise for whatever - fill in the excuse or 'reason' - just remember 'USE IT OR LOSE IT!!!'. You'll miss it when it's gone so take advantage of everything you can do because there is someone out there that can't do all the wonderful things that you are capable of. I don't mean this to sound preachy, I know it's just plain old human nature. Why do we do this?


Tammy said...

What you are saying is so very true! About your 70 year old friend, I really think that was just kind words. She would still be going to PT if she wanted to help herself and workout a little bit!!!!!!!!

Danica Favorite said...

Great point... my FIL is 72, and he climbs mountains. I want to be like him, not sitting in a wheelchair, wishing I could at that age.

My friend called me after reading my blog and we're looking at fun ways to get moving. We'll see how it goes. I just hate that it costs so much money! But maybe we'll find something.

Michelle said...

Great thought to ponder. It all so very true. Thanks for the inspiring post. You've got me thinking now.

Mom said...

I learned a valuable lesson about taking the little things for granted this year. My 4 yr old daughter has been in a Spica cast since Sept 5th. She just got out of her cast on Tuesday of this week.

After nearly 4 months of not being able to have a bath, the first thing she wanted was a luxurious bubble bath.

She still can't walk yet. She has to regain the strenght in her legs and then undergo physical therapy to regain the full range of motion.

It's easy to take these things for granted when you aren't forced to stop and think about what it would mean to lose them.