Friday, October 2, 2015

Belle Isle

Today we took a day trip to Belle Isle. It was my sisters idea but then she couldn't go. Life, what you going to do?

It was a nice but windy day and perfect for the park. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. We'd been there in the past when the kids were little, but that was probably 35 years ago. Time sure flies ;)

We had taken a lunch and ate in the car because it was windy. Then while driving around we stopped at the lighthouse on the island. We parked the car and got out. I immediately found two pennies on the ground. Have you heard stories about deceased family or friends leaving pennies to tell you they are watching you? Pennies from heaven.

The story goes that my Dad who lived in The City of Detroit used to drive around the city and pick up (clean up) cans and bottles on Sunday morning (after the weekend) then redeem the cans for the deposit monies and go buy day old bread to feed the deer at Belle Isle. So I was immediately touched that my Dad was with me on my visit today.

The island is a literal diamond in the rough in the City of Detroit. The whole waterfront is beautiful.

After leaving the island we drove down Jefferson Ave from Grosse Pointe to Grosse Pointe Woods to Grosse Pointe Shores (you get the picture). The homes are BEAUTIFUL and very large. If only they could turn the City of Detroit around. It is the most beautiful city with the most beautiful setting. Get rid of the crime and corruption and the people would swarm to the beautiful city.

Oh and did I forget to mention this gem is nestled between Detroit and Windsor? A MUST visit if in the area.

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