Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yuma Arizona Jan, Feb, Mar 2015

Since I wrote in February we have been very busy. I joined a pottery class thinking I was just going to make a few things. Well, they sell you 25# of clay and you are then committed to using it up. Classes are Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Ties up a lot of time, but I'm retired :) So far I've made 9 toys for the kids (one didn't work and so I made a backup and a backup to the backup and a backup to the backup) you get the picture. They turned out really cute can't wait to give them to the kids. I made Christmas Ornaments which turned out okay - they are handmade lol The teapot I made really isn't supposed to be functional just decorative. Two small cereal bowls. A small veggie tray, two small serving dishes, a larger kind of bowl and a small bowl. It was fun, but would have been more fun if I was good at it. I'm not!

I also started going to the knitting class which ended up not having any other knitters but we met in the same room as the quilters so I just knitted and visited. Nice group of women. That ended kind of abruptly because everyone left early lol

There was a vintage car show here at the resort that was very nice and they had a burger bash the same day. There is always oldies music on around the pool and that is where the burger bashes are held. There was another really large vintage car show that we went to. It is a very popular thing for old people to do lol The Cocopah Casino had a lo rider car show on their grounds that was very cool.

We've gone to Thursday night free Jazz Concerts at the Yuma Regional Mall every Thursday night after having dinner at a number of different local spots.

The Yuma Marine Corp had a very cool Air Show for two days. Some of the planes are AMAZING!! The things they can do and how quickly they can turn and respond just boggles the mind.

Sunday mornings found us at the Quartermasters for a Farmers Market and Tuesdays there was a Farmers Market at Historic Downtown Yuma. Roger has done a few hikes without me because I was in pottery or knitting and we've done a few together.

We also took a drive into California a few times. One Sunday we went to San Diego to visit my niece and her family. Jennifer was so gracious and took us touring around like last years visit. This time we went to the USS Midway. It is a large carrier ship with lots of planes on it. We had a good time even though Jackson took ill and Dick went home with him.

The motorcycle also gave us some fun afternoons riding around in this beautiful weather. Roger has since sold the motorcycle to buy a larger one only after ours was gone we reconsidered because a larger bike is heavier and might not travel well on the back of the motorhome. We'll get another one when we get home and figure out how to transport it. Thinking a truck that the motorcycle will fit into.

The resort where we are staying is very nice.  There are two pools and two spas.  I haven't spent too much time in the pool, but some.  I've also really enjoyed the library that they have set up.  You can be as busy or quiet as you want to here.  One morning we got up early and went on a group hike to learn about coyotes.  Let me tell you these old people are in good shape lol  I've done a lot of knitting and reading and I enjoy both.

If all goes well my final projects in pottery will be done on Tuesday and we'll head out. We still want to go to the desert for a few days, possibly visit family in Tuscon and Phoenix and then check out Sedona. If the weather looks reasonable we are trying to visit Rheta in Colorado but only if the weather looks good. It's been a long time from home and I miss everyone more that you can imagine. Look forward to seeing everyone again and just being home.


Becki said...

Love all the beautiful pottery :) And I think you are pretty good at it!

Karen said...

I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Yuma. I visited there once in February. We checked out the old jail and drove down to Mexico. I actually saw a few road runners!