Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sad Decision Made

I had a feeling that today a decision would have to be made. I was surprised when I got home from work because MM was gone, but Daisy was still here. My 'WIMP' of a husband couldn't do it by himself. He had decided that she had to go back so I made him call Julie and then he made me come with him to take her back. She loves the dog and wanted her back. She has a couple of others that are interested in Daisy. She won't be hard to place. She is that adorable. The only thing I know for sure is that if any dog was going to work it would be Daisy. So we are NOT going to get a dog. I think we have just gotten so used to having less responsibility and weren't ready to take more on. A pet is a big responsibility. We've been free of that responsibility for too long and are just not up to that again.

We're both sad, but relieved.


Wendy said...

It's a tough call and pets are a lot of work... just enjoy your grandpets :) And lot's of shelters need pet volunteers just for cuddling and playing with pets - all the fun with none of the responsibility.

Tammy said...

I'm glad there is others that will love her.

Becki said...

She was a lot bigger than I thought :) I'm sure she'll be happy, and you guys will too!