Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally Home!

So, to end our vacation saga. I drove home on Saturday after first stopping at my brother's in Kentucky. MM was towed to a Freightliner in Knoxville where the B@$&?y write up girl told him there was no place to plug in and the driver just dropped him in the yard. The tow driver even said to her "you don't want to be here do you?". An hour later MM saw another rig being towed in and parking next to the building and PLUGGING IN!! It was a different write up person and this one was nice. His whole weekend and Monday and Tuesday were spent in a lounge area and sleeping in the cold RV. At that time we didn't know exactly what was wrong with the rig and he didn't want to run the generator if it was bad fuel... so no electricity. All of the people he had contact with were extremely nice except for this one girl who was just plain ole NASTY!!

The rig finally got fixed late on Tuesday. It ended up being a lift pump and a computer board that shorted out and needed to be replaced. It was late when they finally finished so he waited til Wednesday morning to leave. In the morning he was ready to go and just paid the whole bill including the tow because he wanted to just get home. The 'nasty' girl called him when he was half way home and asked if he could come back so she could get the mileage. He laughed and said 'no way I'll just give it to you when I get out of traffic'. When he called back she couldn't be bothered, but must have written down the numbers. So when he got back he called her again and then we tried to process the reimbursement for the towing. He gave her a fax number so she could fax over the fully completed form that she 'failed' to do right in the first place.

In the afternoon when I hadn't received the fax yet I called her and asked about it. Her response was "I'll get to it when I get time." I asked if she knew when that might be since I don't have a fax machine sitting on the edge of my desk and I had to watch for it. She said she didn't know when she'd get to it. At that point my only mission in life was to get her FIRED!!! Anyway, shortly after that the fax came in and I got the letter off to another company to get the tow reimbursement. As time has passed I don't want to waste another minute even thinking about such a nasty person, but it just irks me that one person has that kind of power to make another persons life miserable just because they want to. I mean really if she doesn't want to work why did she come in to work that day. It made what was already a difficult situation just plain miserable.

So, what do you think? Should I pursue trying to have her fired or not waste any more time on such unpleasantness? Guess I'm really very blessed, because I can only think of one other time that this kind of thing has happened. In the whole scheme of things I am treated as I treat others... with respect and cheerfulness. And I might add always with a smile :)

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Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

HI Judi, thank for stopping by my blog and your nice comments! If it was me I might try to find her supervisor and just relate what happened and if they do anything fine. But like you said I might be inclinded to not waste time on such a nasty person. But she is in a position of CUSTOMER SERVICE and she is NOT doing her job! Hope it all works out! XO, Pinky