Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fertilize Friday 8/6/10

Our wonderful host Tootsie always has lots of fun new projects she's working on. Be sure to check them out as well as all the other gardeners.

I'd given up on this Dahlia, but then when I put it in a more secluded spot to rest and it came back in full force.

Loaded Rose of Sharon

I love how the sweet potato vine rambles everywhere.... we keep picking it up and draping it somewhere else. Very colorful as you approach the front porch.

When I drive up the driveway I love looking back at all the colors. The hibiscus and holly hock really stand out for me.... or maybe I'm just looking for them lol

The Moonbeam Coreopsis and Russian Sage really make a nice color combo. I've got to learn how to shape the sage a little more, it's just falling over and has a weak looking base.

The Moonbeam Coreopsis flowers for the longest time in our area, beautiful little blooms.

There are two hibiscus plants now and they are both producing 'big' beautiful blooms.

These are the three hollyhock plants that came into bloom. Love em!

Isn't this a beautiful colored hollyhock?

I've waited all summer to see this wave petunia overflow like this, and the neon sedum are about to bloom.

After seeing all the garden art posted at Tootsie Time last week I thought I'd share mine too. This first bird house was given to me by a friend last year for my birthday. MM attached it to an old bathroom sink and anchored it to a log. I had to clear away the petunias to see the birdhouse lol

I received this cute birdhouse from a friend this year for my birthday.

Lots of rustic birdhouses.

There are a couple of tree faces.. cute in a whimscal way.

I put a few of these out early in the Spring to give the garden 'something' to look at while we waited for the plants to come up. Now they are mostly hidden.

There's usually a family in this one.

This glass birdhouse sparkles in the sunlight. You can also see the edge of the garden gate. Just your garden variety cyclone fence gate, but I've tried all year to get a clematis plant to grow on it. Maybe I need to rethink that idea since they keep dying.

The top one on the shepherds hook is full of birds. They chatter all day long and are not intimidated by us being on the porch.

More whimsy with the silhouette cat and kittens.

This red birdhouse is getting more rustic with the years, and I went through a phase of having little statuesque kids. I used to tuck them into the plants on the deck, but now I just have a few on the deck so they sit around the edge.

Girl with her kitty.

My daughter calls this the headless one because she lost her head and I glued it back on ... not quite straight, but it does the trick.

Nothing like a boy with his dog.

Colorful wind chimes that I received for my birthday last week. I have them right outside my kitchen window so I can see them sparkle.

Another aging birdhouse.....

with an occupant lol. Peanut was over on Tuesday and said 'look Papa, a frog.' She had to go point it out because it was so inconspicuous.

Peanut also has her own way of playing 'goofy golf' (or whatever name you have for it). She finds she does her best when she goes up and carefully places the stringed balls on the ladder rungs. lol I think we have a winner!

My niece gave this idea to label the plants with their names on rocks. I still need more flat rocks.

A long post, I know. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm looking for some old barn wood to make little signs that I've seen.


Becki said...

It all looks so gorgeous!

Reminds me I haven't watered my baskets of flowers in a couple days - oops!

Beth said...

Judi, I love your birdhouses! You have many! Do the birds nest in them? Love your container with the sweet potato vine - how colorful! I really like the cat silhouettes and your little children/cherubs too! Great garden art!
Blessings, Beth

Millie said...

Your flowers and bird houses are so pretty. I also love the potato vine, and keep on arranging it to eventually cover our front flower bed.

Darla said...

Beautiful flowers and I love your collection of birdhouses and statues....nice touch.

Tammy said...

Your yard and plants all look just wonderful. I wish my hollyhock looked so beautiful I love their color. I also love all you yard art! The toad in the birdhouse is just tooooo cute! Happy Gardening.

Darla said...

Yes, I save my zinnia seeds or buy packets of them. Where did you have your clematis planted. Some like only morning sun, none of them like to stay wet and they all like their feet cool and their faces in the sun. Does that help?

Erin said...

Love the whimsy in your yard...I hope to have mine filled with stuff like that...slow and steady and filled with love!

sandy said...

It was long, almost thought I'd missed the end, but was enjoying the flowers. By the way, I think you've miss labeled the beautiful pink Mallow (you called it a Hibiscus).

We're loaded right now with Rose of Sharon's too. First year in awhile the dang Japanese Beetles haven't consumed them.


Suzy said...

You have a beautiful garden. The birdhouses are cute! And nice you have occupants even if one of them is a frog lol. Love the Rose of Sharon. I planted a small one a couple of years ago and I think this is the first year I will have flowers. Pretty holly hocks!

Tootsie said...

Your gardens are beautiful girl..I loved looking at them this week...and I really like your collection of bird houses that you share with the garden!!! How neat are some of those!!! I want a couple more...but am at a loss where to put them so that I don't tick the residents of them off every day!!! lol