Friday, July 2, 2010

Fertilize Friday 7/2/10

Linking in with Tootsie Time, again this week. Everything is looking so pretty and I'm in full battle with the bunnies!!

A beautiful day lily that I got from Tammy a few years ago. For some reason I thought they were orange, but here's what came up.

Yup, that's a soaker hose you see there in the wave petunias. We'll be in and out a lot and needed to make sure the plants got watered so we're on a timer.

The clematis looked a little lonely without any blooms so I put some begonia at the base to liven it up a little.

This pot had the Grandpa Ott Morning Glory, but it just wasn't doing anything so in went this pretty sunflower.

Love Love Love the coneflowers.

BeeBalm still going strong.

This daisy just opened up this week. It doesn't show right, but it's a pale yellow.

Still not showing the pale yellow, but they are beautiful.

Moonglow coreopsis is loving this spot in the garden.

So, the story of the bunnies. I've been blaming deer on some of the lost buds, but I've been seeing some very round bunnies lately. MM read that if you put a strong smelling soap out they will not come.... we've seen that something likes the soap though lol. Anyway, we now have lots of soap (Irish Spring to be exact) around and we're still spraying with the liquid fence. They just need to find a better diet choice out there. Maybe I should plant a bunch of stuff just for them and put out a sign!!


Wendy said...

LOL I can just imagine you planting a bunny and deer garden out past your flowers and such. You flowers look lovely! We have a moose problem up here... and short of chicken wiring them in... they pretty much nibble on whatever they want.

vixen said...

I sure wish my garden looked as good! Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend.