Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fertilize Friday 7/30/10

Be sure to check out all the other gardens at Tootsie Time. She's our host for this fun meme.

This coleus is getting huge!!! I've got to water it twice a day because there is so much foliage and the pot is only 10 or 12".

We've got a ripe tomato.... we've been eating off the cherry tomato plant for a couple of weeks, but this is the first larger tomato.

YEAH!!!! We've got a holly hock!!! Three that are planted in more sun are doing much better than the three that are more shaded.

Coneflower are still looking pretty.

And an opening bud on the hibiscus. There are lots of buds....

This planter got moved from the front porch. MM is planning on staining it and the plant had to be moved. Don't you love how the sweet potato vine is taking off lol

Love the color of this wave petunia.

My Rose of Sharon looks so different than the others that I've seen. I think it's something like a double ... something something lol.

And, of course, the trumpets will be blooming for a few months now.

Had to throw in a picture of Punkin sharing her soothie with Muffin. Yes, Muffin gave it up months ago, but it's nice to see the Punkin doesn't mind sharing lol

So, that's my offering this week. The gardens are suffering greatly from the neglect, but time is just escaping me. What's a person to do?


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Lovely flowers! And of course the little ones are too cute too!

jenn said...

Beautiful flowers!

Happy birthday, too. (I am here from Tammy's (crazy mom's) blog)

B Boys Mom said...

I think everything looks wonderful. Your pictures turned out really good too. Your Hollyhock is beautiful. Mine didn't do anything. Your gardens are beautiful. Oh and Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day and a great birthday weekend.

Suzy said...

You've got some beautiful blooms right now. That coleus is gorgeous.

Karen said...

Awww, what cute little ones! Your garden looks wonderful for being 'neglected' do you do it?? Love the hollyhock, beautiful color.

Thanks! Karen