Friday, July 9, 2010

Fertilize Friday 7/9/10

Tootsie Time is our hostess for this fabulous meme and you have to check out some of her unique planting ideas... I mean really... an upholstered chair made over into a planter!!! Check it out.

We've had a week of temps in the mid 90's and then just before the picture taking time we had about 2-3 hours of rain. Everything is a little water laden and heavy :) This first picture is part of tonight's dinner. A little chicken stir fry including this zucchini.

We have about 6 blossoms from the chicks and hens. Picture isn't too good, but it should be fully open next week.

I was real concerned about the holly hock blooming, but I think this is a bud. Again, maybe next week lol

This daisy bush is looking real full. The smaller one is mostly dead blooms.

Loving the coneflowers.

These begonias were planted beneath the clematis to give it a little something for the rest of the season.

I moved this plant with blue flowers into our yard a few weeks ago. The plant I moved is basically dying, but it had some of this beautiful yellow (maybe black eyed susan) clumped in with it.

The trumpet vine on the deck is full full full and has beautiful orange trumpets.

So far so good with the hostas out back. This is the first year that they all lived til blossoming.

This is the smallest of the five hostas in this bed. I enjoy the variety of colors in the different hostas.

A full picture of the hosta bed before the deer round it up lol. This is the first year that I've had nothing eaten to a nub and everything bloomed. After the rain I wanted to spray the liquid fence again, but it was raining again. Hope no deer come before I can get that done.

So, that's the extent of want's new in my yard. Still waiting for the hibiscus, neon sedum, and hollyhock. It's very cool though how so much is blooming at once and the color is beautiful.


Karen said...

Very pretty flowers!!

Greenearth said...

Was a joy to share your garden.

Maureen said...

Mmmmm..... zucchini for dinner. The trumpet vine looks beautifully full.

B Boys Mom said...

Your plants are all looking so good. I have to go check my Holly Hock but I don't think I have any blooms on mine. The last I looked they were not doing very good. Yours look very happy and you are going to have a beautiful bloom real soon.

Vixen said...

They all look good to me! I like those hostas. I may have to look them up.

Tootsie said...

I can't wait for that hollyhock to bloom!!! I have never had one bloom or even grow for that matter!!! thanks for joining and for sharing your beautiful gardens

Beth said...

Judi, Your hosta bed is pretty. Love the container with the clematis and begonia - what a novel idea! The rudbeckia and echinacea are great too - two of my favorites.
Blessings, Beth