Monday, July 19, 2010

Peanut's 3rd Birthday

Peanut turns 3 this Friday and we celebrated it this past weekend. She answered the door like a little princess and was so kind and gracious that you forgot that she was only 3. My friend says the 3 is the age of reasoning and Peanut definitely is understanding all the rules and manners. She smiled to welcome everyone and said thank you as she opened all of her gifts. She took turns so nicely and even though it was amazingly hot there were no meltdowns (by any of the kids surprisingly enough).

GG doesn't often venture out, but she wanted to go to the party. GG's has 9 children, 25 grandchildren and 41 greatgrandchildren to date (Punkin will be the 42nd). Here is GG and Peanut.

Last month we went to a garage sale and found a great deal on a little bouncer. It needed a little repair, but nothing that we couldn't handle with a sewing maching and a tube of liquid weld. The kids absolutely loved it. Peanut was the first to go on it and you can hear the excitement.

We had to get a good shot of the "Ladybug Cake" that Mommy made, Peanut and Mommy.

The two cousins in their party finery. It is so hard to get the two of them looking in one direction at one time. If you have little ones around you know what I'm talking about. One shot actually had them both in motion going in opposite directions.

What a happy face as everyone sings Happy Birthday (wish I had videoed this, but I had a brain freeze and couldn't remember how to do it :()

Muffin in her pretty little party dress.

They ordered a 'ladybug' pinata to go with the theme of the party. We started with the smallest party guest first hitting the pinata. That would be Muffin.

Peanut hitting the pinata. In the end it took Daddy and Mommy to break into the pinata. It wasn't pretty lol

Peanut loves her Mommy in flipflops and wanted a pair too. That thing between the toes is very large on this little pair and make her walk like a duck lol. She's actually getting used to them by the time we got this video.

Peanut's Mommy told me that she liked ladybugs and bugs in general so I made her a bug quilt for her birthday.

I love the grasshopper.

Had extra scrap fabrics so I made a pillow case to go with it.

She got tons of gifts and had to take a bite from a candy necklace between each gift opening lol. To think, she would have been happy with a candy necklace lol. She got several outfits, several Barbie type dolls, STICKERS!!!, the above quilt and a new two wheeler bike (with a HORN!!), I'm sure I missed more things (oh yeah, flipflops lol), but there was a lot of commotion.


B Boys Mom said...

Both girls are so beautiful and look so pretty in their party dresses. What a wonderful party your little peanut had. I love the fabric on her new quilt. Just perfect.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

What an awesome time! I love the quilt too - the colors are beautiful and bright!

Lynne said...

What a great birthday, and so many cute little girls! I love the quilt & pillowcase! Nice job!

Becki said...

She had a great birthday!! And Muffin was having such a good time with all of the guests she didn't even get her present from Mimi!
I love how Peanut whistles while walking in her new 'flops.'
Great pictures - thanks!

Ott, A. said...

Looks like a fun time. the pinatta' looks really cute, and I bet they enjoyed that.

Bayley said...

Thanks for making her birthday a memorable one. We couldn't do it without the help of you and your trusty maintenance man! Remember, you are responsible for 25% of her genes... I suppose it's a good thing she is 110% a sweetheart, nobody has to fight over the good parts. :)

Karen said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful day! Happy birthday to her. The quilt and pillowcase are beautiful!