Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Rally 2010

In all the excitement of going off on vacation we started out by heading to the hospital for the birth of Punkin FIRST. Vacation started a little late, but I was thrilled that we had a baby before we had to leave. It was the best way to start a vacation!!

The Rally is a Good Sam Rally and the 2010 rally was hosted at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville. Talk about a fabulous facility!! That's totally an understatement. We were parked out by the Six Flags Ferris Wheel in section 'R'. I don't think anyone had a bad parking spot. All activities were held indoors and were cooled to a very comfortable level.... it was in the high 90's and low 100's outside!! We were parked in the 'dry camping' section meaning you had to run on your own power. Usually they let you run the generators from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., but because of the extreme heat they lifted all restrictions. Before we left I checked for a 10 day forcast and it said rain every day but Friday. What do they know? We had 5 minutes of rain on Thursday!! Since we decided to commute to the center by bike it was nice that it wasn't wet.

All evening entertainment was held at the Freedom Hall. Again, I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. The first night we were entertained by The Monarchs. Thursday night was Bob Newhart (funny), Friday brought us Tanya Tucker, we skipped out on Saturday night and Sunday night was a Rally's Got Talent.

Tanya Tucker's performance was very good and she still has the 'stuff'.

I forgot that there was one thing going on outside.... rv's from the 50's!! I remember as a child we camped every summer in a TENT!! I was always envious of the people in the trailers. They looked a lot like the ones that were displayed in the parking lot outside. Their owners were actually camped out there.

This is the Tin Can Tourist used at Camp Dearborn in Milford MI.

I don't think the Airstream every lose their value.

Loved all of the bumper stickers on the back of this VW Bus. 0 - 60 in 11 minutes haha I think I was behind this one several times back in the day.

The old Shasta

Didn't totally understand this sign on a new Prevost. Is it $1,950,000 new and then take 50% off, or is that $1,950,000 the 50% off price? Didn't ask, because it really didn't matter, either way I didn't have $1,950,000 or half of the $975,000. What can they possibly put in there to make it worth that?? And who the heck is buying them??? Do they drive them themselves or have a chauffer?? To enter you had to take your shoes off. Can you imagine if you actually used it and came in off the beach with sand on your feet? lol

This rig was parked across from us during the rally. Just imagine, you can take your car, your kayak, and maybe your motorcycle. These are made to order and are very cool.

There were tons of classes (seminars) going on all during the rally as well as events being put on by Good Sam and Coast to Coast. Good Sam had a Find your Match game going on through Friday. You were given a number at check in and then had to find someone else with that number 'your match'. There were actually 4 of each number. MM found all four of his, I found one of mine. If you found a match you got a bag that said "I met my match in Louisville". The more matches you found the more entries you had in a drawing held on Friday afternoon. The prizes were worth seeking a match. They had matching fold up bikes, twin chairs that had foot rests that came up, a couple of generators, an rv cover...... lots of big prizes. We actually won a year's renewal on our Good Sam Club membership, not a generator, but worth close to $100.

That was going on in the East Room. The Seminars were all up and down two hallways and in the other big open section they had all the new and used rigs for sale and vendors selling all kinds of stuff you never knew you needed lol. I talked with two couples that bought new rigs, and I heard that there were a lot of sales. That's always good to hear because more dealers will keep coming to show you more rigs.

Churchill Downs was staging the HullabaLOU event over the weekend. They had multiple stages preforming at the same time. In one section of the Expo parking you could hear the music.... not by us :(. The big names that I can remember were Sara Evans and Kenny Chesney. Louisville has a LOT to offer. Beautiful town.

We pulled out Sunday afternoon and headed to Fort Wayne IN for the night to kind of shorten the drive home. We stayed at the Johnny Appleseed Campground. It is a city park that is so serene and peaceful that you'd never know you were a half mile from the center of the city.... the coliseum was backed right up to it. We're going to start looking for more city and county parks as we travel. They are definitely hidden gems.

We had a great time and love to go to rallies. We always meet lots of interesting people to visit and share stories and travels with. Next trip ... going back up to the Upper Peninsula. Can't wait. But for now I plan on getting in as much baby time as I can :).

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Sounds like a wonderful fun trip. I can't wait to hear more. Love all the pictures.