Friday, July 16, 2010

Fertilize Friday 7/16/10

Tootsie Time is our hostess for this fabulous meme. She's starting a series of posts about different kinds of gardens. Check it out and while you're there check out the other gardeners and their gardens.

To begin this weeks flaunting I'm going to start with the deck plants. This geranium is doing great. I'm on allergy meds so I can't remember the name of the bottom flower. The pumpkin is behind there now and I still can't find any pumpkins.

I love watching the coleus go from a little twig to something resembling a small tree lol.

And yes, I have grape tomatoes!! The plant is loaded so I should have a steady supply.

This is what the trumpet wall looks like from the ground side. This morning I saw an oriole sitting on it and eating something. That is a beautiful bird.

The rose of sharon is still to bloom, but is loaded with buds. MM trimmed it way back last year and I think it's gotten a little fuller at the bottom.

The wave petunia is finally covering the sink.

Oops, is that a butterfly? I'm not the only one that likes the petunia.

This is the lily that I got from my friend Tammy. Isn't it pretty?

I'm thinking I need to move this Bluebell of Scotland. It's growing and spreading nicely, but it's behind the peony. Should it stay there to stay partially shaded?

The Russian Sage is growing pretty good this year, but in years past I trimmed it and now I don't know what to do. Any suggestions on how to get it bushier and fuller at the bottom?

The name of this purple thingy is there somewhere, but I just didn't feel like bending over to take a look.... again, the meds.

Coneflowers still blooming nicely.

Beebalm is attracting lots of bees.... wonder where it got it's name.

Another week with this daisy, but they're starting to die back. Maybe I'll get a second bloom if I deadhead it right away.

Holly hock.... I'm watching it closely. There are lots of buds all up the stem.

Hibicus has lots of buds too.

Looking toward the front we have coreopsis and coral bells.

The neon sedum is yet to bloom.

Blooming chicks and hens. These seem to be spreading.

Coral Bells are blooming nicely, they kind of like it under these grasses. Maybe it was too much sun before.

The hostas out front are blooming nicely.

Porch plant is filling out nicely... not sure about my choices in the top pot. It's petunia and aspargus fern. I think they are competeing with each other too much.

Lots of blooms on this hosta.

Notice that something is still enjoying the Irish Spring soap. ??? It didn't eat the whole bar this time lol

Even though I have lots blooming and everything is gorgeous we're still looking forward to the neon sedum, hibiscus, hollyhock, rose of sharon and there's a little yarrow or yew that hasn't bloomed yet. So, what's going on in your neck of the woods? Got lots blooming? How are you keeping up with the watering?


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Nature has been handling the watering a little too well here!! But the sun is supposed to shine today!

Lovely blooms!

B Boys Mom said...

Your plants all look so good. Just beautiful. I think it's funny that the animals like the soap.

Becki said...

Your flowers always look so nice! And you're so good at keeping track of what's what!

Debbie said...

Your flowers are all so pretty but your potted plants are awesome. Those geraniums are just beautiful. Can't wait to see more pictures of the plants still waiting to bloom.

Angel said...

Isn't it Great to have a steady supply of yummy Tomatoes ?! How great is that:) And your Pumpkin vine looks like it is growing like gangbusters ..hahaha sure hope you find some Pumpkins in there :)
Thanks for stopping by :)
Have a Great weekend ~

Maureen said...

Wow! Everything looks wonderful! Your trumpet flower is spectacular!

Alea said...

Absolutely beautiful! And the tomatoes look delicious!