Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Harmony In Motion
Favorite person (outside family)? Tammy or is she family?
Favorite food? Pizza any kind
Quirks about you? Do I have any? When I’m thinking sometimes my tongue slips out a little lol
Any regrets in life? Not so far – maybe if I’d still worked at the post office I could be retired by now. Is that a regret?
Favorite Charity/Cause? Race for a Cure (breast cancer)
Favorite Blog recently? Harmony in Motion
Something you can’t get enough of? Time off work
Worst job you’ve ever had? Clerical at the U of M
What job would you pay NOT to have? Tearing the roof off in a re-roof job
If you could be a fly on the wall, where? Some of the closed doors in our office sometimes
Guilty Pleasure? Fabrics
Got any confessions? I can’t get enough salty stuff
If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? I’d need more than $1000, but I’d love a new sewing machine
Favorite thing about your house? Our new front porch
Least favorite thing about your house? Laundry room
One thing you are bad at? Exercising
One thing you’re good at? sewing
If you could change something about your circumstances, what? I’d have invested better so I can be retired now.
Who would you like to meet someday? Living or dead? I don’t know
What makes you feel sexy? Good fitting cloths
Who is your real life hero? My husband – he’s the best
What is the hardest part of your job? Dealing with the people – residents? Co-workers? whoever is pissing me off that day.
When are you most relaxed? In the morning.
What stresses you out? Financial concerns
What can you not live without? My family
Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists. Craziness
Why do you blog? I wanted to journal about our Alaskan trip.

Okay - rules:
1. Answer the questions
2. Link back to whoever tagged you
3. Tag eight bloggers to do the same, 2 from each category.
· New/newer bloggers- Crazy Mom With 4 Boys
· Bloggy friends - My Crazy Life With A Toddler
· Bloggers you’d like to get to know better –
· Bloggers you are not sure will respond, but you hope will

Sorry I couldn't complete my task...gotta do more blogging

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Michelle said...

Okay, I'll play along. Looks fun.